They’re Back! Sam and Aira’s Surprise Return to Beauty and the Geek

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It’s safe to say Sam and Aira from Beauty and the Geek have fast become the people’s pair.

They’re loveable and supportive of each other, which is why it was gut-wrenching to see them go home on Monday night.

It seemed they had so much potential after Sam won a makeover, as his confidence was really shining through.

Thankfully, after a major twist in the series saw Josie and George be given a special superpower, Sam and Aira were back after a brief hiatus.

POPSUGAR Australia sat down with Beauty Aira, to speak to her about her experience on the show, and how she felt returning back to the competition.

The 23-year-old originally applied for the series after a certain family member convinced her to, saying, “my sister was actually on the show in 2012 and she really loved the whole experience, and she was the one who told me it’s honestly an experience of a lifetime.

“So I went with the intention of just going and seeing if I can form these relationships with these Geeks and just see how I go because I don’t come across them in my day-to-day life.”

Since that moment, she’s never looked back, as the medical secretary truly feels the entire experience has changed her life in the best way.

“I really didn’t expect to have these strong friendships, but when I went it was definitely life-changing so I’m so glad I did it,” she said.

The best part about Beauty and the Geek is definitely the makeovers, where the Geeks go from ordinary boys to handsome men.

Sam, who was known for his afro and timid nature, suddenly transformed into a Jonas brother, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

“When I first saw Sam, the first thing I noticed was that he was glowing. He really was glowing, he just looked so happy and excited to see what he looked like,” said Aira.

Aira has been nothing but supportive towards Sam throughout his entire journey, and she made sure the encouragement didn’t stop even after he was given a whole new look.

“The main thing I was looking for was, I knew that he was going to look different, but I just really wanted to see him walk out and be super confident,” she said. “Which is exactly what I saw. He came out dancing, he was just smiling, he looked so good and it was so lovely to see, I just thought he looked amazing.”

And now that they’re given a second chance, Aira cannot wait to continue being by Sam’s side throughout his journey of self-improvement.

“I feel really really excited that we’re back on the show,” Aira said.

“The main thing is to work on the inside as he looks great, but it’s really important that he feels great too.”

She continued: “I feel like we need the competition so we can work on that together because I feel like it’s not done yet, we have more to do.”

Tune in to watch Beauty and the Geek on Sunday at 7pm, then Monday – Wednsday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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