Which “Big Brother Australia” Couples Are Still Together?

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Can you believe the wild ride that was the 2023 season of “Big Brother Australia“? From laugh-out-loud friendships to heartstring-pulling romances, it was reality TV at its finest. Now that the dust has settled and the winners have been crowned, we’re all dying to know what’s happening with our favourite in-house connections. Did those bromances and showmances survive the real world? Well, fear not, because we’ve got the scoop for you.

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty and find out which “Big Brother Australia” couples are still together on the outside.

Which “Big Brother Australia” 2023 Couples Are Still Together?

Lewis and Graciemae

Lewis and Graciemae’s camaraderie inside the “Big Brother” house was a highlight of the season. Despite Lewis opting for a cash prize over Graciemae’s return to the competition, their friendship remained unscathed. Lewis admitted during the finale that the allure of $5,000 almost broke their bond, but he emphasised the depth of their connection, stating, “I may not have found love, but I found my Graciemae, and we’re stoked.”

Fans can rest easy knowing that this dynamic duo’s friendship is alive and well outside the “Big Brother” house.

Teejay and Ari

Their love story kicked off mid-season, and just when things were getting cosy, intruder Bella dropped a bombshell about Teejay reaching out to her post-elimination. Awkward, much? Ari was not impressed, and guess what? Despite Teejay’s attempts to clarify and apologise, Ari revealed on Instagram after the finale that they are no longer a couple.

“I’m sure it’s no surprise to you guys but no, we aren’t together. We’re just friends,” she told her followers.

Louis and Minee

Let’s talk about Louis and Minee – the OG power couple who, let’s face it, were the unofficial King and Queen of the housemates. But hey, even royals have their bumps in the road. Minee did the unexpected and broke up with Louis shortly after the arrival of intruders Bella and Oli. However, these two managed to find their way back to each other, reclaiming their throne as one of the “Big Brother” power couples.

During the finale, Minee poured her heart out, saying, “This experience in this house wouldn’t have been at all what it is if it wasn’t for this man.”

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Now, let’s fast forward to the post-“Big Brother” world. Recently, Minee gave her IG followers the lowdown on her and Louis’ relationship. Spoiler alert: their romance didn’t make it past the “Big Brother” house. Why? Because practicality kicked in – she lived in Perth, and he was doing his thing in Melbourne. Despite the distance, Minee had only good things to say, “Such a great guy tho. He was a very good support coming out of the show.”

Since the show ended, Louis has gone public with his new girlfriend. The housemate debuted his new relationship in December on Instagram. He later posted a picture of the pair at a romantic dinner with the caption: “Neeeewsa with Queen.”

Josh and Tay

Josh and Tay’s enduring connection made them a beloved couple among fans. Even after Josh’s unexpected eviction, Tay expressed the difficulty of coping without him in the house. During the finale, their affectionate display hinted at a continued romance.

Josh shared, “I was more upset about leaving Tay than actually leaving the ‘Big Brother’ house.” While the final episode suggested they were still going strong, fans are keeping a watchful eye on their social media for updates on the status of their love story.

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