Sorry to Everyone Else on MasterChef Australia But We Are Officially #TeamConor

Conor Curran
Network Ten

“I am Conor, a young Greek gay boy with a mullet,” and thus was our introduction to arguably our new favourite person on planet earth.

Conor Curran is one of the top 24 contestants who made it through to MasterChef Australia and has lucky for us, he “doesn’t know how to be anyone else” but himself.

The 27-year-old cites his cooking style as Greek with “heaps of South-East Asian ingredients” which Curran likes to call a “Con-Fusion” — because “I myself don’t know what’s going up on the plate most of the time.” (Never change!)

With a personality like his, it’s no wonder Curran worked in the front-of-house in restaurants for 10 years, however, he is now keen to explore and showcase his other talent — cooking, which he’s learnt along the way.

Curran has a love of traditional Greek recipes and flavours, which has been passed down from his mum and yiayia — the person he credits for his love of food.

Born and raised in Melbourne, he also has a passion for travel and has spent time exploring Middle Eastern and Mexican cuisines.

He considers his strengths to be creativity, presentation and culinary knowledge, however, struggles with pastry and desserts.

According to his Network Ten bio, Curran hopes to one day open an eclectic deli shop named Sit Down Dora after his mum, with an adjacent hidden bar named Shut Up Mike after his dad. We’re there!

Unfortunately, there’s not much to learn from his Instagram, however, we know you’re going to want to follow this energetic superstar along on his MasterChef journey, so you can do that here.

Yes, we’re officially #TeamConor!

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