From Evan Peters to Amber Heard, Here Are Some of the Biggest Stars to Appear on “Criminal Minds”

Everett Collection / CBS/Courtesy Everett Collection

After an incredibly successful 15-season run, “Criminal Minds” is returning for another round of nail-biting crime-solving sessions. The acclaimed CBS show, which originally began airing in 2005, is already getting rebooted just two years after its final instalment aired in 2020. The revival, retaining the essence and storytelling style of the original, will see a slew of original cast members reprising their roles, save for Matthew Gray Gubler. And speaking of the original cast members, who can forget the many iconic actors who appeared on the procedural police drama? Throughout its 324 episodes, many renowned actors left indelible marks, even through their brief appearances on the show.

Ahead of the revival’s debut, we’re taking a look back at those cameos that managed to shine even in a sprawling cast ensemble and significantly minimal screen time. From Jane Lynch’s recurring role to Amber Heard’s one-off character, continue reading for our top 14 picks for the most noteworthy celeb appearances on “Criminal Minds” over the years.

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