Farmer Wants a Wife: Where to Follow the Farmers

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Australia’s most successful dating show, Farmer Wants a Wife, is back with a bang.

Across the globe, there have been 170 marriages, a long-term relationship and a whopping 387 babies as a result of the show!

In Australia alone, we’ve seen nine marriages, one long-term relationship and 23 Farmer Wants a Wife babies, and we’re hoping that all five of our farmers in 2021 end up adding to these numbers at the end of the season.

Each season, there are five farmers. This year, we have Farmer Rob–a 40-year-old sheep and cattle farmer from the Snowy Mountains, Farmer Sam–a 25-year-old sheep and crop farmer from Canowindra, NSW, Farmer Will, the 39-year-old sheep and cattle farmer from Longwood, Victoria, Farmer Matt–a 26-year-old cattle farmer from Orbost, Victoria, and Farmer Andrew, a 30-year-old sheep farmer from Delegate, NSW.

Since the season kicked off on Sunday, we’ve already become hugely invested in each of our Farmers’ journeys, so obviously, we want to follow along on Insta!

Here’s where you can follow our five Farmers.

Farmer Andrew

Absolutely love a good dog selfie. This is one of the few snaps Andrew shared on Insta before going on the show, but it’s all about quality over quantity, right?

Farmer Matt

Look at Farmer Matt, he’s serving! While most of Matt’s pre-Farmer Wants a Wife feed is full of cars and landscapes, recent months have seen him post a few selfies, and tbh, we simply love to see it!

Farmer Sam

Farmer Sam, the elusive chanteuse! Sam has no pics other than ones promoting Farmer on his page, which either means he has a Finsta we just haven’t found yet, or he’s not that into social media. Either way, we’re into Sam, so we’re chucking him a follow.

Farmer Rob

Farmer Rob’s pre-show feed is nearly all landscape shots showcasing life on the farm and the surrounding grounds, with a good mix of dogs and farm animals as well.

Farmer Will

Farmer Will’s feed is tons of cute dog pics, as well as some heartwarming snaps with family, and even a food photo or two!

Farmer Wants a Wife airs Sundays at 7pm, and Monday-Wednesdays at 7.30pm on 7 and 7 Plus.

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