Farmer Wants a Wife 2020: Which Couples Are Still Together? An Investigation

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It’s a new season of Farmer Wants a Wife, the show with the greatest track record for introducing couples that stay together, wed, settle down and have babies. Across the globe, there have been 170 marriages a long-term relationship and a whopping 387 babies as a result of the show!

In Australia, we’ve seen nine marriages, one long-term relationship and 23 Farmer Wants a Wife babies, and we’re hoping that all five of our farmers in 2021 end up adding to these numbers at the end of the season.

Before we start looking toward our future FWAW relationships, let’s first take a look at last year’s and see how we did. If you’ll recall, last season was pretty hectic. We had farmers who couldn’t choose who they wanted to be with, potential wifey-walkouts, and even a “cheating” scandal when it was revealed that one of the ladies had developed feelings for a producer on the show! A little too UNReal, if you ask us!

Anyway, let’s run through our 2020 couples and see whether any of them went the distance. At the end of the farm stays, Farmer Harry chose StaceyFarmer Nick chose LizFarmer Neil chose Justine and Farmer Alex chose Jess.

Farmer Harry and Stacey

After the show finished filming, farmer Harry Robertson went back to work on his farm in Goolgowi, New South Wales. Stacey Cain, meanwhile, returned to Victoria, and the pair struggled to keep the spark going long-distance.

In a grand romantic gesture, Cain surprised Harry with a 2am visit to his farm, and the pair lived together for a week, but ultimately couldn’t make it work.

STATUS: Broken up.

Farmer Nick and Liz

This one honestly shouldn’t be a surprise, because anyone watching the show would’ve seen that Farmer Nick simply didn’t have feelings for any of the ladies he brought back to the farm.

Still, he ended up picking marriage celebrant Liz Jelléy to be his “potential life mate” during the finale and then basically ghosted a week after filming wrapped. Oop!

STATUS: Broken up.

Farmer Neil and Justine

Neil and Justine were the couple we really had high hopes for, as they professed their love for one another in the finale.

Unfortunately (and this is a running theme here), the pair couldn’t make it work with the distance. With Neil in Crookwell, NSW and Justine in Queensland, the pair unfollowed one another on social media last year.

In case that wasn’t clear enough, Justine also wrote that it was “fake news” that the couple were still together after host Natalie Gruzlewski said in an interview that they were still on.

STATUS: Broken up.

Farmer Sam

As you’ll recall, Farmer Sam ended up leaving the show without a partner, but his post-Farmer Wants a Wife love life has been pretty noteworthy!

First, he found romance with a girl named Kirsten, who he met in the comments section on a FWAW Insta post. He said during the finale that he was the “happiest he’d ever been”, but then? Plot twist!

Sam and Kirsten split, and Sam revealed just hours after the finale aired that he was back together with — and engaged to! — his former girflriend, Katelen. Not only that, but the pair have a baby on the way! Katelen is due in August 2021.

Farmer Alex and Henrietta

Farmer Alex and Henrietta caused quite a stir when they ended up together after the season — mostly because Alex had ended up with Jess at the end of the show! Yep, that’s right, Farmer Alex chucked a Blake Garvey, dumped Jess and hooked up with Henrietta.

See, Henrietta had walked out when Alex confessed he had feelings for both ladies, which left Alex with Jess by default. However, as the couple continued to get to know one another, Alex realised that Henrietta was the gal for him, and won her back.

After all that, did the pair go the distance? Nope!

In October 2020, Farmer Alex confirmed the split via an IG comment, saying that the couple had broken up “but still remained friends”.

STATUS: Broken up

All in all, 2020 was a flop era for love and Farmer Wants a Wife is no exception, but we’re hoping that all five of our farmers can tip the scales back in the right direction!

Farmer Wants a Wife airs on Sundays at 7pm, and then Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7 Plus.

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