Farmer Wants a Wife: Meet Farmer Sam’s Potential Loves

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On Sunday night, we kicked off the 2021 season of Farmer Wants a Wife with a bang, and today, we’re getting to know the women each farmer will be taking back to his farm.

Here’s how it worked: Each of our five farmers first selected eight women from the thousands of applications, who were then all brought to the stunning Convent hotel in the Hunter Valley. Then, each farmer got to meet his eight potential loves, from which he selected five women to invite back to his farm and to get to know them better. The other three, sadly, were sent packing.

The tall, dark and handsome farmer with a heart of gold, 25-year-old sheep and crop farmer Sam is hoping to find The One.

After trying his luck with a dating app — only to match with three ladies in a 150-kilometre radius including his neighbour — Sam’s excited about the possibility of a love match, but he’s a bit anxious, too.

“The thought of sending your potential wife home is terrifying,” he said.

Sam is also a keen horseman and is looking for a fun, loving and intelligent woman who has a great sense of humour and shares his passion for farming and adventure. Let’s meet his ladies and see how they stack up.

Allanah, 24

A fun fact: Allanah is from an Italian background and is excited that Sam is too. She values country guys because “city guys are a different breed”.

“Farmers usually have the same interests as me,” she says. “It’s hard to find a guy with a country background where I live.”

Dayna, 21

A fun fact: Despite being just 21, Dayna is ready to settle down and is sick of having her “time wasted” by guys who aren’t looking for anything serious.

“I want to find love and I would be so keen on farm life,” she says.

Demi, 25

A fun fact: Demi is originally from South Africa!

“A lot of my family have stock farms, so don’t be fooled, I’m a bit of a tomboy!” she says.

Mackenzie, 24

A fun fact: Mackenzie is shy when it comes to talking about herself and love, and seeing Sam’s shyness attracted her. She’s ready to put herself out there and hopefully “find a strong connection, a partner and a best friend” to share her life with.

Nickia, 22

A fun fact: Raised by a single mum, Nickia’s a country girl who’s always dreamed of raising a big family on a farm.

“I value family, honesty, hard work and stability,” she says.

Farmer Wants a Wife airs on Sundays at 7pm, and then Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7 Plus.

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