“It Felt Pretty Good”: Molly Stuns “FBOY Island Australia” Finale With Contestant’s Ex

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The finale of “FBOY Island Australia” was an absolute rollercoaster, and let us tell you, Molly sure knew how to make it one heck of a ride. Throughout the season, Molly had her doubts about Vernon, and she wasn’t about to let him get away with his “Fboy” shenanigans.

Molly had to choose between “FBoy” Vernon and “Nice Guy” Nick. The pair stood in front of Molly, pleading their case for why she should choose them. But what Vernon didn’t know is that Molly had a little trick up her sleeve. She asked Vernon a simple question: “Do you want to be with me?”

Vernon insisted that he did, but Molly called BS.

“I’m about to teach this ‘FBoy’ a lesson in a very big way,” she told the cameras. Cue a dramatic entrance from Vernon’s ex, Brogan.

Brogan Enters the “FBOY Island” Villa

Brogan FBOY Island Australia

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Molly and Brogan had met up earlier in the day, where they hatched a plan to reveal the truth about Vernon’s shady behaviour. The pair went through Brogan’s messages with Vernon. And boy, did she hit the jackpot! Molly found a text message from Vernon himself, confessing his plan to lie and manipulate his way through the show in order to win the cash.

He even mentioned that once he was done with the show, he intended to get back with Brogan. Talk about being caught red-handed!

… “It Felt Pretty Good”

Speaking with POPSUGAR Australia about the iconic moment, Molly admitted that “it felt pretty good” to stick it to him.

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“I’m not gonna lie, I did really enjoy that power,” she said. “You could tell in those getting ready scenes. Like, I was feeling myself.”

Molly added: “I did feel a little bit bad seeing Vernon’s face but, you know, it’s teaching him a lesson and teaching all ‘FBoys’ a bit of a lesson.”

TBH, we’re not sure Vernon really learned anything from that experience. But, as Abbie Chatfield would say, “‘FBoy’, F-Bye”.

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