“FBOY Island Australia”: Molly and Nick on Long-Distance, the Prize Money, and What’s to Come

Molly and Nick FBOY Island Australia

“FBoy Island Australia” quickly took the nation by storm, and now, the journey has come to an end. Happily, two of our three leading ladies found love in the grand experiment (and Sophie and Joshy are still on good terms, which is nice!). One of our happy couples is Molly and Nick. Speaking to POPSUGAR Australia, the pair told us what it’s been like navigating a long-distance relationship, where they’ll go from here, and what their plans for the prize money include.

Molly and Nick Are Sick of Doing Long Distance

One of the downsides to finding love on a show like “FBoy Island Australia” is having to keep your relationship a secret for months after filming wraps. Another downside is that you might fall in love with someone who lives in a different state to you, which is exactly what happened for Molly and Nick.

“Long distance sucks but it’s worthwhile for the time being,” Molly said.

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Now that the show is over, Molly said that the couple might not be stuck doing long distance for much longer.

“I’ve definitely been keeping my eye out for the job market in Sydney and looking to see what’s out there because hopefully, I’d really love to be close to Nick.”

On Their Plans for the Prize Money and the Future

With $50,000 to their name, Molly said that part of the prize will be going toward a romantic holiday together.

“We’ve actually booked a trip to go to Fiji in January,” Molly shared.

She added: “I’ll use some of the money to relocate as well.”

Molly relocating to Sydney is jus the beginning of the couple’s plans though. In fact, there’s a second, bigger relocation on the horizon, as well.

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“My brother plays MLR (Major League Rugby) for Atlanta and I’m trying to get over to the Miami team next year,” Nick revealed. “So potentially, me and Molly might be moving to Miami next year. It would be a huge adventure.”

Molly said that currently, they’re “just kind of waiting to see what comes from all of this” but that they’re “enjoying the journey together”.

“We’re just really happy and love the kind of support that we got on the show as a couple,” she said, “and [we’re] keen to be out there in public”.

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