Get Your “FBOY Island” Fix With These International Versions to Stream in Aus

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It’s only been a few months since “FBOY Island Australia” had us glued to our screens, gasping at unexpected twists and rooting for unexpected connections. And, TBH, we want more! If you thought the Australian version was a whirlwind of drama and romance, you’re in for a treat. Did you know there are actually international versions of the hit dating show?

From across the ocean to down under, the “FBOY Island” phenomenon has spread its wings, giving us “FBOY Island USA” and “FBOY Island NZ” – and trust us, they’re all kinds of juicy.

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They all have the same concept. Three leading ladies hold the power as they navigate through a maze of 24 men. Among these men, there are 12 charming “Nice Guys” who are genuinely searching for true love. Meanwhile, the other 12 are notorious “FBoys” who only have eyes for the $50,000 cash prize.

So, without further ado, let’s find out how to watch these international versions of “FBOY Island”.

How to Watch “FBOY Island USA”

“FBOY Island USA” is the show that originated it all and turned reality TV upside down. Premiering on HBO Max in July 2021, this series asks the age-old question: Are these guys truly searching for love, or are they just out to play the game?

It was renewed for a second season, and guess what? Both seasons are available to stream right now on BINGE.

How to Watch “FBOY Island NZ”

“FBOY Island NZ” is here to give you a taste of romance, Kiwi style. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Cook Islands, this version adds a dash of local flavour to the mix. And with New Zealand actress Shavaughn Ruakere as the host, get ready for an experience that’s part paradise, part drama.

You can also stream “FBOY Island NZ” on BINGE.

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