Kyle and Jackie O Reveal the Dating Reality Series Struck By a Thrush Outbreak on Set

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I have a confession to make: Ever since it was revealed that an unnamed dating reality series had been struck by thrush, it’s all I’ve been able to think about.

It’s the only question on my mind. No, I currently do not care what goes on in Area 51 or if Neil Armstrong really made it to the moon.

All I want to know is which reality series was affected by thrush

Thankfully, my mind has been put to rest because today, radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson answered my burning — pun intended — question (which I’m sure all of you had as well, or you wouldn’t be here).

To provide some context for those who don’t know, it was recently reported that several female crew members of a dating series were dealing with the fungal infection.

It came after they were prescribed antibiotics to deal with a mass gastro infection.

Representatives from Love Island, Beauty and the Geek, Heartbreak Island and The Real Love Boat were quick to deny that it occurred on their set.

However, The Kyle and Jackie O Show received a tip-off on July 26, and I would just like to thank this kind stranger for giving everyone the scoop.

“The thrush outbreak was on a new Channel [Nine] show called Grown Up Love,” Jackie O said on air.

According to the anonymous source, the show is currently being filmed “out of Sydney at the moment by ITV” Studios.

Grown Up Love is a dating series centring on single parents between the ages of 40 and 60 who are looking for love.

The show will be hosted by radio host Kate Langbroek and is expected to air on Channel 9 soon. 

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