Hamish Blake Successfully Pulls Off Another Crazy (Pikachu-Themed) Birthday Cake For Sonny

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Instagram: @hamishblakeshotz

May marks a very special month in the Australian calendar as it includes Sonny Blake’s birthday. Sonny is the eldest child of comedian and LEGO Masters host, Hamish Blake and Go-To founder and author, Zoë Foster-Blake. And, if you happen to follow Hamish on Instagram, you’ll know that this means it’s time for cake.

If you’re new to the trend, here’s exactly what happens. Every year on Sonny’s birthday, for the last four years (not including this year!) — when kids can actually talk and eat cake — Hamish Blake has attempted to make a cake for his son’s birthday. But not just any old cake. The cake is specifically a creation that Sonny has requested.

He also does the same for his second child, daughter Rudy. But Sonny’s birthday is where the trend started. Not only does Hamish show off the final creation via Instagram stories, but he also gives us an inside look at the process behind these dazzling baked creations — previous years are still saved as highlights, if you want a trip down memory lane.

This year, Sonny requested a Pikachu cake, coming out of a Poké Ball, reaching out for a high-five. A simple request. Oh, and jelly has to be in the Poké Ball, and it must go “pfffft” when it opens.

And did he manage to make it work this year? Yes! Well, almost. In Hamish’s own words, the Poké ball has to be manually opened — there goes the “pfft” noise.

But he still managed. LEGO Masters Brickman helped with the construction of the Poké ball; Wippa from Fitzy and Wippa helped with the Pikachu… well, he turned up to the house dressed as a Pikachu, so surely that counts as a contribution.

Instagram: @hamishblakeshotz

Even though the podcast host claimed he was due for a “crash and burn”, it looks like that due date has moved to next year. So we’ll have to wait around until next May to see if he fails. In the meantime, you can just rewatch his Instagram highlight again and again (and again).

Want to revel in some more delicious-looking cake creations? POPSUGAR Australia has you covered with some of Hamish’s previous creations, below:

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