Meet Holly and Josh, the Power Couple Ready to Conquer “Hunted Australia” 2023

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Hunted Australia” takes reality TV to new heights with its intense game of hide and seek. As ordinary Australians transform into Fugitives on the run, the pressure is on to outsmart the skilled team of Hunters in pursuit. With a tantalising $100,000 prize at stake, every decision, every move becomes crucial in the quest for survival and victory.

Let’s meet one of the teams competing on “Hunted Australia” 2023.

Holly and Josh on “Hunted Australia” 2023

Holly and Josh are the ultimate power couple ready to take on the challenges of “Hunted Australia” together. These two are all about competition and pushing each other to the limit. They can’t wait to put their teamwork skills to the test in this adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Just like Katniss and Peeta from “The Hunger Games”, Holly and Josh have their own dynamic roles. Josh is the “brains” of the operation, thanks to his experience as a paramedic and rifleman in the Australian Army Reserves. He knows a thing or two about surveillance, survival techniques, and staying calm under pressure. With his Army training, he’s also a master of camouflage and knows how to blend into their surroundings.

Holly, on the other hand, is a dancer and a total extrovert. She’s all about people skills and plans to use her extensive social network to their advantage. With her special effects makeup skills, she’s ready to transform their appearances and throw the Hunters off their trail.

These two are not afraid of a challenge. In fact, they see “Hunted Australia” as the ultimate test that will bring them even closer together. And if they win, it will be life-changing for them. They’re planning to use the prize money for a house deposit — a dream come true for this young couple who have faced financial struggles.

“Hunted Australia” airs Monday — Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

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