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The final episode of “Hunted Australia” 2023 was a nail-biting rollercoaster of emotions as the remaining Fugitives faced the ultimate test of their skills, wits, and determination. Tharren and Jordan, along with Holly and Jimi, fought valiantly to outsmart the Hunters and secure their freedom, but only two emerged victorious.

It was a thrilling chase until the end, but both Holly and Jimi managed to escape the Hunters and make it to the helicopter, earning them a share of the $100,000 prize money.

Holly expressed her disbelief in the win, saying, “Never ever imagined that would happen. I always thought it was going to be Josh carrying the team. I never had that belief in myself.”

“I realised that he (Josh) actually sacrificed himself for me, but it’s so good to be the one lifted from extraction. The last female standing. To be able to show myself, and to show others, I think I’ve well and truly proved that I’m worthy.”

Jimi, equally moved by his win, reflected on his experience and personal growth.

“I wouldn’t change anything about my time on the run. I’ve learned that I am more resilient than I ever thought. No matter how difficult it was, no matter how challenging it was, I knew that if I could last 24 hours at a time, I could do this,” Jimi admitted. 

He added with a laugh: “I never could have done these 24 days without Ed. And with this money, he will finally be able to live his dream of getting a hair transplant in Turkey.”

What Went Down in the “Hunted Australia” Finale

With a mere 27 hours left until their extraction deadline, the four Fugitives were still at large, navigating the intricate game of evasion. The tension was palpable as they had to make a phone call for extraction information, a move that would inevitably alert the Hunters to their whereabouts.

All four Fugitives found themselves on a thrilling race to reach Melbourne Cricket Ground. The Ground Hunter teams were on high alert, piecing together the puzzle of the extraction location.

Upon their arrival at the MCG, an unexpected twist unfolded as Jordan and Tharren leapt from their car prematurely, mistakenly believing they had encountered another pair of Fugitives. Hunters had them in their sights, but a moment of chaos allowed Tharren and Jordan to slip away and part ways. However, their respite was short-lived, and an emotionally charged cat-and-mouse chase ultimately led to their capture.

Amidst the chaos, the landing of the chopper created a diversion. This distraction became the golden opportunity that Holly and Jimi needed. With a surge of determination, Jimi managed to slip unnoticed onto the waiting helicopter.

Meanwhile, Holly found herself in a high-stakes pursuit within the confines of the stadium. Hunter Kim was hot on her trail as she weaved through the MCG. Eventually, she sprinted towards the chopper, joining Jimi in an exhilarating moment of triumph.

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