We Need to Know: Is Married At First Sight Scripted? Here’s What the Participants Have to Say

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It’s the question people have been asking since the beginning of time: is reality TV real? “Married at First Sight” is full of dramatic moments and controversies, from catfights and affairs to wine throwing and even glass smashing. And we need to know: to what extent is MAFS scripted, or is it all real?

“Married At First Sight” is a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode at any given moment. And if the new season is anything to go by already, it’s going to be full of drama.

We’ve seen in all in past seasons, from catfights, wine throwing, glass smashing to all-around petty behaviour, and we need to know if any of it is manufactured. 

So, Is MAFS Scripted?

Season nine’s Olivia Frazer spoke out over the matter during an Instragam Q&A, admitting that while the show does sound ‘scripted’ at times, contestants aren’t being fed lines by producers.

“You have to repeat back the questions that producers ask you, which is why it sometimes sounds scripted,” she explained.

Season eight groom Russell Duance also took to social media to set the record straight.

“For all of those that are saying it’s scripted, I can tell you that not once did anyone say to me that ‘hey you need to say this or that’ ever. Everything I said was from me in that moment,” he said on Instagram. His comment was supported by co-stars Sam Carraro and Brett Helloing.

However, fellow contestant Jono Pitman opened up about a different side to the story.

“They’re always fishing for one-liners,” said Jono, who appeared on the show in 2016. “My famous line was, ‘She wasn’t what I ordered’ when my partner, Clare, was walking down the aisle. They got me to say it a thousand different times.”

Speaking to Now To Love, the experts laughed off claims that the show is scripted, saying what you see is what you get. 

“Do you think we could script this stuff?!” Mel Schilling said. “We get this line every year. That is one of the very common responses. It’s a very polarising show.”

“People have strong reactions to the show and I think when people watch something playing out on screen and it’s confronting or triggering them or reminding them of perhaps their own relationship, then it’s a very natural response to push away and to criticise.”

As far as the brides and grooms go, some people have speculated whether they were paid actors. Former grooms Sam Ball, Bryce Ruthven, and Mikey Pembroke had all appeared on “Home and Away” before their stint on “MAFS“, and Holly Greenstein from the 2022 season had extensive acting experience before coming on the show.

But Mel told Chrissy, Sam, Brownie on NOVA radio that while they may be actors, they’re on the show to genuinely find love.

“I can put my hand on my heart and say there are no actors,” she said. “There may be people who have had experience acting in the past, as do I.”

While we may never know the truth, it won’t stop us from tuning in. 

“Married At First Sight” airs at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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