Jimmy and Tam’s The Block House Has Sold (For Real This Time)

The Block winners Jimmy and Tam house sold
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In one of the most shocking twists The Block has ever seen, Jimmy and Tan went from winning the show with a spectacular $4,256,000 auction day sale result, to complete devastation when it was revealed on A Current Affair that the sale had fallen through.

In a new twist of fate–and a much happier one this time–House 5 has sold once again.

The couple posted the happy news to their joint Instagram account, writing: “We can finally say that our @theblock house has sold”.

Sounding relieved, they went on to say that after months of “wondering if and when the house we put so much blood, sweat and tears into would ever sell, it has sold to a local family”.

“We can not wait to meet this amazing family and hand the keys over to them so they can make so many wonderful memories in 360a New St,” they gushed, adding: “The list of people to thank is very extensive, but thank you to everyone who had a part in all of this”.

Speaking to 9Entertainment, host Scott Cam said that everyone was “really excited” about the sale of the gorgeous, ’50s inspired home.

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“It’s gone on to a new young family, which is what we’re all about on The Block, building family homes for the next generation,” he shared. “Especially those old homes that we trucked in, you know they’ve been lived in for years, and now they’re going to hopefully be lived in for another 100 more.

“So, we’re really excited.”

Although the couple remained the winners of the season–and still took home their winnings–Cam said that the sale of the house will mean that the couple can close this chapter of their life.

The devastated couple revealed that the sale had fallen through on A Current Affair.

“They can move on and they can realise their dreams of that life-changing money and maybe buy a house or go on a holiday–you know, all those sorts of things that they came on The Block for,” he said, adding that the Queensland couple are “such beautiful people”.

Although everyone involved with the home renno was devastated when the sale fell through, Cam and the team remained sure that the house would sell. Still, they’re “very relieved” to be proven right.

via Channel 9

“But we didn’t have any doubts that the house would sell,” Cam said. “I think we always knew it had great bones, it was a beautiful home, and Jimmy and Tam did a great job.

“It was just one of those things where it was a bit of a waiting game and I suppose we let the dust settle a little bit before we put it on the market again, and now that it’s sold, we’re very happy.”

Time to pop the bubbly (again!)

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