Everything You Need to Know About Liam and Georgia From Married at First Sight

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When Liam Cooper and Georgia Fairweather met at the altar on the Married at First Sight experiment, it was clear that this would be a couple to watch.

After Cooper, a 29-year-old prison officer from QLD, revealed he was bi-sexual, Fairweather’s reaction was not only perfect but sealed them as true contenders to stay together after the experiment.

Cooper, a self-confessed “Aussie bogan”, grew up on a farm riding horses however, in his official bio, describes his upbringing as “complicated”.

Openly bisexual, his last relationship was six years ago and is not interested in simply “hooking up” with someone, but rather looking for a deeper and long lasting connection with someone he can really settle down with.

After talking about his sexuality on national TV, Cooper admitted in an interview with Today Extra that he wished he hadn’t disclosed this aspect of his life in such a public forum.

“Now looking back at it I wish I would’ve been able to talk to Georgia — just me and her — instead of having the whole group to come out that way,’ he said. 

“I’m a big believer in we shouldn’t have to have labels. Heterosexual people don’t have to come out so why do anyone from the LGBTIQ community have to come out?”

As for his new wife Fairweather, she comes from a wealthy family and has studied at a Swiss boarding school. Until recently, the entrepreneur spent several years abroad in Hong Kong and while this has been great for her career, it hasn’t left much time for dating.

Now that they’ve joined the experiment, could they have found what they’re both looking for?

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