We Need to Talk About Dan’s “S**t-Shaming” Comment on “Love Triangle”

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It’s 2023, and you’d think we’d have moved past old-fashioned attitudes like “s**t-shaming”, right? But reality TV can sometimes serve as a harsh mirror reflecting society’s less-than-great moments. Dan’s comment on Episode 3 of Stan’s “Love Triangle” is a glaring example of this.

First off, when we met Nellie, one of the leading ladies, her bubbly and comedic personality instantly won us over. So, when she chose to connect with fireman Dan, we were all in for a heartwarming love story. Their first date was a hit; they laughed, flirted, and it seemed like a match made in heaven. Nellie was smitten, but Dan didn’t quite feel the romantic spark. Fair enough.

Dan, What Is Your Problem?

Then came the move-in phase, and that’s where things got weird. The moment Dan walked into their shared home, it was as if he had a “do not disturb” sign permanently hanging around him. He was distant, dismissive, and cold towards Nellie, and it was so obvious.

Their conversations grew shorter, blunter, and just awkward. Nellie was trying her best to connect, but Dan seemed utterly disinterested. And in one incredibly hurtful moment, he told Nellie she wasn’t funny, despite her being a comedian, saying, “I’m gonna have to learn how to fake laugh”. Ouch, again.

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The “Love Triangle” Dinner Party Debacle

Then, it was time for the big dinner party where all the couples came together. Nellie couldn’t hide her tough week, sharing her struggles with the other ladies. On the other side of the table, Dan made it clear that he wasn’t sure Nellie could “develop him as a person”. No comment.

This is where things went from bad to worse. When Dan found out that Nellie had confided in the other women, instead of having a mature conversation with her, he decided to point fingers. And that’s when he crossed a line with a comment that reeked of s**t-shaming: “Maybe she’s gone in and slept with blokes straight away. Maybe you can’t find someone ’cause you’re rushing in and doing that stuff.”

Lisa, a fellow contestant, took offence, in shock over what Dan just said to her.

“I didn’t see that coming,” she told cameras. “That’s so disrespectful, you know? It’s mean.”

In a world where we preach respect for individual choices and encourage open communication, it’s disheartening to witness such regressive behaviour on national television. Dan’s actions and comments remind us that we still have a long way to go in eradicating so-called s**t-shaming.

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