“MAFS” 2024 Recap: Jack Reminds Us That Toxic Masculinity Is Alive and Well


Welcome back to another “MAFSrecap — we know you love the drama. Tonight, we meet Timothy, a 51-year-old business owner from Melbourne who’s saying “I do” to 43-year-old wedding celebrant Lucinda. Then, the next couple to tie the knot is Jack, a 34-year-old personal trainer from the Gold Coast and 27-year-old Melbourne business development manager Tori.

Just when we thought we could escape the saga of toxic masculinity that Harrison Boon brought in 2023, here comes Jack, ready to take the torch. Red flag alert: please abort mission!!

Jack isn’t shy about it he’s all about being the ‘alpha’ male and the dominant partner. Jack, please! It’s 2024, let’s progress! Meanwhile, Tori — our self-proclaimed ‘control freak’ — is blissfully unaware that she’s about to dive headfirst into the deep end with Jack. Spoiler alert: it’s not going to be smooth sailing. But girl, we’ve all got our popcorn ready, and we’re all set to say ‘I told you so’.

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So here I am, trying to wrap my head around this latest “MAFS” episode, and it hits me after 11 seasons, why haven’t I fully grasped that some couples are just here for the #drama? I mean, didn’t we see this play out last season? And yet, here we are again, with the “experts” pairing up a control freak with an alpha male.

Buckle in, folks, here’s your “MAFS” recap for the second episode.

Does Jack Scream Toxic Masculinity?


Anyway, let’s dive back into the episode. The wedding day kicks off like a rom-com, and it’s all smiles, promises, and Tori rocking those rose-coloured glasses, convinced that Jack is checking all her boxes. And surprise, surprise, she’s not the only one keeping an eye on the groom. Are we in for a “MAFS” scandal already? Tori’s mum practically has heart emojis in her eyes as Jack walks down the aisle.

“He’s very handsome, and very sweet! And he’s charming. I do have a crush on Jack,” she spills to producers.

“Even if it doesn’t work with Tori, you can come home with me,” she cheekily tells Jack.


During Tori’s wedding vows, she drops the bombshell that she’s a bit of a control freak.

“It definitely spiked my ears,” Jack confesses to a producer. “But, looking through those eyes, she seems sweet. I think she’ll challenge me a little bit, but I definitely reckon I’ll sort her out, and we’ll have a good time.”

He adds: “I definitely want to play that dominant role to Tori; it might be a bit of a power struggle. But I feel like she’s gonna be a good girl.”

“Who Has My Friend Married?”


Fast forward to the reception, and Jack’s guest list is like a fitness fanatics’ dream. He goes around the room introducing his guests, and surprise, surprise, they’re all gym clients. Tori’s best friend Leah, however, smells trouble.

“When it comes to Jack, I just have a weird feeling; it’s just an intuition that I have,” she tells the cameras.

“Is this a reflection of his inability to have long-term relationships? And that’s what clicked for me… who has my friend married?”

Leah pulls Tori aside to voice her concerns over Jack’s authenticity. Where are the high school buddies, and why is the gym crew the star of the show at his wedding? Ever the optimist, Tori brushes it off, thinking she can handle Jack’s quirks.

“We’re Not Sexually Connected”

As the newlyweds jet off to Vanuatu for some one-on-one time, the plot thickens. Tori believes they’re on the same wavelength, but Jack is struggling to find that romantic spark. He admits there’s “no sexual sparks” between them.

“We’re not sexually connected at all,” Jack admits.

“I’ve got a pretty high sex drive. I need to be invested in the girl and I need to be connected. If I’m not, I’d rather be by myself.”


So, here we are, bracing ourselves for the rollercoaster ride that is Jack and Tori. Will Tori weather the storm of Jack’s toxic masculinity? Stay tuned, because this season promises more drama than your favourite reality show should be allowed to have.

Get ready for eye-rolls, facepalms, and the undeniable urge to shout, ‘Haven’t we learned anything from Harrison Boon?’ The saga continues…

“MAFS” continues Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm and Sunday at 7.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now

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