“MAFS” 2024 Recap: Jack “Shocking” Act to Bride Causes Controversy Here’s What Happened


Alright, folks, grab your bags! We’re leaving the Skye Suites behind and jetting off to the tranquil haven of Byron Bay for the Couples’ Retreat. That’s right, it’s that time of the year again, when the “MAFS” couples get a chance to escape the madness of the experiment and hopefully find some peace and clarity in paradise. But let’s be real, where there’s paradise, there’s drama.

As the couples set foot in Byron Bay, they’re probably thinking it’s going to be all sunshine and rainbows. But little do they know, the serene setting is about to become the ultimate battleground for secrets, lies, and revelations galore. And boy, do we have some juicy gossip to spill.

Jack’s got some explaining to do, Michael and Stephen are caught up in a whirlwind of emotions, and let’s just say, things are about to get messy. Buckle up, folks! This week’s “MAFS” recap is about to take us on one heck of a wild ride at the couples’ retreat.

Jack “Shocking” Act Exposed

Last night’s commitment ceremony left everyone in shock, especially after Jack’s confusing comments about his relationship with Tori. It’s the classic case of ‘he’s just not that into you’. Timothy’s got a nose for trouble, and wastes no time spilling the tea to Lauren and Sara. Turns out, Jack’s been showing off pics of his ex and making some questionable moves.

“If he’s really into Tori, why — in week one — would Jack show me pictures of his ex and how hot she is?” Timothy says to the brides.


The bombshell leaves Sara feelings uneasy.

“That is shocking to me, he’s crossed the line. I don’t believe Jack is here for genuine reasons, he screams f**k boy from every direction,” she tells cameras.

Sara’s not about to let this slide, either. She spills the tea on some seriously sketchy encounters she’s had with Jack, including butt taps and neck kisses. Sorry, what?!

“… As I was walking away, he kinda tapped my butt,” she shares. “The second thing was, Jack was apologising to Lauren at the dinner party… And when he apologised to me, he kissed me on the neck.”


With suspicions running rampant, Sara and Lauren hatch a plan to spill the beans to Tori. Cue the girls’ and boys’ night, where Sara and Lauren are armed and ready to drop the truth bomb on Tori. Meanwhile, Jack’s off at the boys’ night, confessing to anyone who’ll listen that he’s not head over heels for Tori and can’t see a future with her. Ouch!

But just when we’re on the edge of our seats waiting for the showdown, we’re left hanging until the next episode. Talk about a cliffhanger.

Michael and Stephen #DRAMA


As if things aren’t complicated enough, Stephen and Michael find themselves in the eye of the storm after a jaw-dropping incident at the hairdresser’s. Michael’s world comes crashing down when he witnesses his husband, Stephen, getting a little too cosy with the hairdresser. It doesn’t end there — turns out they’re exchanging texts, which Stephen himself describes as “emotional cheating”.

Stephen’s left questioning the very foundation of their relationship. Why is it so easy for Michael to flirt with a stranger while their own spark seems to be fizzling out? It’s a tough pill to swallow, and both of them are feeling the strain.

Michael’s hurt and feeling rejected, and Stephen’s grappling with doubts about their connection. They turn to the group at the couples’ retreat for advice, hoping for some clarity in the chaos. But surprise, surprise! Things don’t go as planned. Instead of getting any constructive advice, tensions flare. Soon enough, Michael finds himself in a heated argument with Sara, and tells her to “worry about her own relationship”.


“Stop lashing out at people,” Sara yells. “Why are you being like this to me?”

“You shut up right now, you’re getting on my nerves,” Michael claps back. “Every time I sit at dinner parties, you always have the first thing to say.”

Sara Turns Her Anger to Hubby Tim

When Tim stays silent during her showdown with Michael, it’s like a punch in the gut for their marriage.

“It’s not that hard to have your partner’s back,” she tells Tim later. “I need you to step up.”

But Tim’s feeling the pressure too. He’s frustrated, and feels like he’s always falling short of Sara’s expectations, no matter how hard he tries.

As tensions rise and emotions run high, the Couples’ Retreat is turning into a battlefield of broken hearts and bruised egos. Will these couples find a way to mend their relationships, or are we in for another round of heartbreak?

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“MAFS” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday  Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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