“MAFS” 2024 Recap: An Anonymous Letter Has Tori Seeing Red


Are you ready for another wild ride on “MAFS“? This week, is feedback week, and that means more drama on the horizon. Our couples are diving into tasks left and right, trying to sort out their relationships before the experiment wraps up.

Tonight, a playful little letter to one couple is shaking things up big time, and it’s just before our infamous dinner party. You know what that means — more juicy drama served with dinner!

Let’s break down this “MAFS” recap, shall we?

Jack Flirts With Tori

Jade’s on a mission to give Jack some serious relationship advice, and Tori’s having a heart-to-heart with Jayden about her marriage. Jade’s got Jack in the hot seat, asking him all the awkward questions about his love life with Tori. And guess what? Jack drops a bombshell, hinting that he’s got eyes for Jade. He says Jade is more “his type” and tells her she’s in his top three brides.

“I feel like Jack was trying with me,” spills Jade.


And she’s not holding back either — she’s digging deep, wondering if things would’ve moved faster if Jack had been matched with someone more his type.

“The sex wouldn’t come quicker if I had had a sexual spark with someone,” Jack says.

Jack Has Timothy Seeing Red

Later on, Lucinda and Timothy sit down with Jade and Ridge for a heart-to-heart about their relationships. Jade jumps straight in and asks Timothy and Lucinda if they’re seeing a future together after all this. Timothy’s feeling pretty hopeful, seeing their connection growing stronger by the day. But then Ridge drops a bombshell — he spills the beans that Jack’s been gossiping about Timothy and Lucinda, claiming they’re “done” and “checked out”.

Well, you can imagine Timothy’s reaction — he’s furious. He’s calling out Jack’s nonsense, saying it’s absolutely laughable. And Lucinda? She’s not holding back either, believing they’re way ahead of Jack and Tori in the relationship game.


“Jack saying that is freaking laughable. My blood’s boiling,” Timothy vents. “The guy’s as fake as they come, from head to toe. Him calling me phoney? Now that’s rich!”

And you can bet your bottom dollar that this dinner party is going to be one for the books.

“Saddle up, Jacky boy, ’cause I’m ready for war,” Timothy warns, setting the stage for what’s sure to be an epic showdown.

The Anonymous Letter


The next day rolls around, and Timothy’s still stewing over Jack’s gossip about his relationship with Lucinda. He’s not exactly buying into Jack’s love story and can’t help but wonder why Jack hasn’t made any moves with Tori yet.

Timothy decides it’s time for Jack to face the music. In the spirit of feedback week, he and Lucinda craft this anonymous letter, giving Jack and Tori a taste of their own medicine. They even sprinkle in some humour, calling themselves the “Investigation Anonymous Police” and listing off all the reasons they think Jack and Tori are full of it.

With the letter all ready to go, they sneakily slip it to Jack and Tori. And let me tell you, when Jack and Tori read that letter, they’re not exactly doing cartwheels. It hits a nerve, bringing up their lack of chemistry and Jack’s not-so-nice words about his ex. Tori’s absolutely fuming, feeling disrespected and ready to unleash some serious fury.


“I freaking hate these people,” Tori seethes. “I’ve been keeping my cool this whole time, but this letter? It’s pushed me right over the edge.”

And as for the million-dollar question of who wrote it? Tori’s convinced it couldn’t be Lucinda and Timothy — she thinks it’s too “juvenile”. But boy, is she in for a surprise.

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“MAFS” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday  Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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