“MAFS” 2024 Recap: Same-Sex Groom Vanishes Without a Trace — We Need Answers


Another day, another “MAFSrecap and things are heating up in this wild ride of romance and reality TV. We’re right smack in the middle of the wedding bonanza, and let me tell you, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. First up, there’s Jack, who is the poster boy for toxic masculinity, and Tim, who’s apparently still got some emotional baggage from his last relationship. It’s only episode three, and we’re already in for a doozy. From a runaway groom to a familiar face, buckle up, here’s your “MAFS” recap for episode three.

Tonight, things kick off like we’ve never seen before. Michael was all set to be part of the first gay male couple on the show in almost a decade. He was being paired with Simon, who appeared in the series’ first episode, sharing his backstory at the groom’s party. You know, the one who had been married to a woman before realising he was into men.

“MAFS” Groom Simon Dips Before His Wedding Day

But then, bam. A knock on the door from the one and only expert, John Aiken. Not exactly a harbinger of good news.

“I’ve got some really disappointing and shocking news,” Aiken drops on Michael.


Post-hens’ and bucks’ night, Simon decides to tell production he’s bailing via email. Ouch, it’s like breaking up over text. Tough break for Michael, who admits it feels like someone just yanked his heart out of his chest.

But Aiken, the knight in shining armour, withholds the better news for just a bit too long. He tells Michael that he and the experts are determined to find him a match. In other words, they are scrambling through thousands of applicants for a suitable match, one that would make good television ratings, perhaps?

While we’re all devastated we don’t get to see Michael have his special day yet, we now know that we must protect this groom AT. ALL. COSTS.

A Familiar Face Returns to “MAFS”

Guess who just crashed the scene? Mitch Eynaud from the 2022 “MAFS” mayhem! Nope, he’s not here for a repeat “I do” session. He’s back to watch his bro, Jayden, take the plunge with a total stranger. Now, those sponsored deals must be paying well if he managed to convince his bro to hop on the “MAFS” train after his own stint.


Quick recap: Mitch and Ella Ding were the experiment’s power couple — or so we thought. But, oh boy, Mitch found himself tangled in camera chaos, commitment issues, and even a cheeky cheating scandal with another bride.

“It’s very nostalgic… looking back at it now, I wish I did trust it (the experiment) a little bit more and just poured my heart out, being honest and all those things,” Mitch tells cameras.

Anyway, water under the bridge, let’s turn the page.

Jayden and Eden’s Wedding… Love at First Sight?

Meet 26-year-old Jayden, the Gold Coast kickboxing sensation and the opposite of his bro. Tough in the ring but a total softie, he’s all about snuggles and back tickles. His dream? A girl with ambitions. Enter 28-year-old Eden, the Gold Coast recruitment manager, seeking that someone who brings her peace.

Zoom to the wedding: Jayden’s smitten, they exchange vows in a love-filled ceremony. Now, these good-looking lovebirds on “MAFS” — questionable motives, but let’s roll with it. In their backstory, Jayden and Eden unveil cheating scars. Eden’s twist? Her ex hooked up with her childhood bestie.

Now, reception jitters for Jayden – not about his attraction, but he worries if Eden’s impressed. Big bro Mitch’s pep talk: “Don’t overthink it”, he says, spotting the spark. Eden swoops in, calming Jayden. In a quiet confession, Eden says she felt way better seeing Jayden at the aisle’s end. Connection? Unbreakable. First dance? Pure joy and romance.

The Most… Awkward “MAFS” Wedding Yet?

Hold on tight for the quirkiest “MAFS” wedding of the season! So, we’ve got Natalie, the 32-year-old physio from Melbourne, getting hitched to Collins, the 28-year-old executive assistant from Perth. Collins, the perpetual friend-zoner, is eager for a shot at his first real relationship.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Collins confidently charms his way through introductions, but Natalie’s entrance is a saga. Heels are not her best friends, and she manages to roll her ankle multiple times. Cue the crew literally carrying her to the altar.


As if that’s not enough, a boat honks and yells in the background, creating this cringey silence. Despite the hiccups, they bond over their shared love for Essendon football club. Natalie pledges to be Collins’ ‘player 2’ in this extraordinary adventure. Yep, it’s cringey, but hey, also kind of cute. But our hopes are not high with this couple, we’re calling it.

From surprise exits to quirky weddings and a blast from the past, we’ve had it all. What’s next?

For more drama, check out all our “MAFS” 2024 recaps here.

“MAFS” continues tomorrow at 7.30pm and Sunday at 7.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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