“MAFS” 2024 Recap: Timothy Pushes Lucinda to Breaking Point: “I Deserve Better”

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Last night’s “MAFS” commitment ceremony was quite the ride. Saying goodbye to two couples and seeing the others barely hanging on — it’s a lot to take in. And can you believe Eden and Jayden hit a snag? They were the ones we thought were rock solid. Now, it’s Homestay Week, where the remaining six couples get to see what life could be like together outside the experiment. But things aren’t looking great for Jayden and Eden, and Lucinda and Timothy seem to be hitting some rough patches too.

Let’s dive into this “MAFS” recap and chat about all the drama.

Lucinda and Timothy… Are Over?

After finally letting his guard down, Timothy’s now feeling a bit emotionally drained. He’s crossing his fingers that a trip home to Melbourne will perk him up. But as Lucinda tries to keep an open mind about Timothy’s bachelor pad and enjoy their time together, Timothy starts building those walls back up. He ends up pushing Lucinda away in the process, which is definitely not what anyone was hoping for.

During a catch-up with Timothy’s friends, Rachel and Shane couldn’t be happier to hear that Timothy’s been letting his guard down lately. They’re all cheering him on, and encourage him to keep being open. Lucinda takes the chance to chat with Shane, who spills that Timothy’s always been super sweet in relationships. That’s a bit of an eye-opener for Lucinda, because it makes her realise that she hasn’t been getting the same treatment from him. And you know what? She deserves better. We all love Timothy, but if he’s treating Lucinda differently after all she’s put up with, then she definitely deserves more.


“I Need Time to Myself”

The following morning, Tim’s not in the best mood. Instead of being excited to have Lucinda there beside him, what he actually wants is some time to himself.

“Homestays are supposed to be all about fun, showing off your life… But honestly, it’s just not my scene. Some mornings, I just want to be left alone,” he tells Lucinda. “I get these moods where I need my space, and now I don’t even have that luxury here. After a week of emotional exhaustion, I just need some time to myself.”

Timothy’s really feeling the need for some alone time, so he decides to take a breather from Lucinda. He vanishes until late into the night after telling Lucinda he’s headed out with a friend.

Hours pass, and Lucinda doesn’t hear a peep from her husband. She ends up spending the entire night alone in his apartment, and unsurprisingly, she’s questioning their relationship even more than she already was.

“I want to share my life with someone who’s eager to share theirs with me,” Lucinda vents. “I came into this with so much love and excitement, but being at Homestay and feeling abandoned… it’s just disappointing. I’m lost on where to go from here.”

Ugh, why did Timothy have to go and mess things up? Our hearts are breaking for Lucinda right now.

Lucinda Is at Her Wits’ End


When Timothy has finally returned home, the pair head out for a picnic. Despite Lucinda’s efforts to hash things out, Timothy drops a bombshell: emotions and feelings just aren’t his thing. He’d rather keep them bottled up — something he’s been taught his whole life.

“This whole experience, I’ve never really felt welcomed. I’ve tried my best to fit into your world and get to know you… but Tim, you haven’t really let me in,” Lucinda lays it out. “It feels like you’re pushing me away, like I’m intruding on your space.”

Lucinda tells Timothy she finds him really “moody” and she just wants to have fun, and Tim’s response? “Just be happy, be free” — because that’s just not his vibe, apparently.

“I’m not really feeling this emotional journey,” Timothy confides to producers. “I didn’t sign up for this level of digging in the experiment. Lu is all about emotions, always talking about feelings… it’s just not my thing, it’s uncomfortable.”

Is It Over Now?

Mid-conversation, Tim walks out, leaving Lucinda feeling defeated as she packs away the picnic and heads home alone.

“I care about him deeply, but it seems like he just can’t handle it. Those walls around his heart and soul must be pretty lonely. Am I disappointed? Yeah, maybe a little… I know I deserve better than this,” Lucinda reflects.

“I’ve worked hard to become the woman I am, and this isn’t the kind of partnership I want. I’m not going to force myself onto someone who doesn’t want or appreciate me.”

Eden and Jayden are on Rocky Terms

After last night’s Commitment Ceremony, Jayden and Eden are all anyone can talk about. The couple, who once seemed like they had it all together, wake up today distant and chilly with each other. They try to hash things out before heading off to Homestay, but their chat just fizzles into awkward silence.

“I said sorry on the couch last night, and I don’t want to upset you,” Eden tells Jayden.

“Yeah, that couch session was pretty heavy, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it,” Jayden admits. “But every time I try to open up to Eden about how I feel, she kinda shuts me down and brushes it off.”


Eden’s feeling all “nervous” about talking to Jayden, while Jayden’s just plain “scared” to do anything wrong.

Needing some space to clear her head, Eden ditches the apartment and goes off the grid for hours. Despite Jayden blowing up her phone, Eden manages to miss her flight to the Gold Coast, which leaves Jayden to fly back home solo.

Eden Is Like an Emotional Brick Wall

Hours later, Eden finally shows up in their hometown. Jayden’s hopeful they can sort things out, so they take a stroll along the beach. But no matter how hard Jayden tries to get things out in the open, Eden keeps shutting down the conversation.

Later that day, the gang meets up for a barbecue lunch with Jayden’s parents, Julie and Michael, his brother Mitch, and Eden’s dad, Phil. Mitch is curious about where the couple’s relationship is at, so he’s excited to catch up with them. But Eden refuses to divulge any real information, and insists that “everything’s still good” between them.


“Eden’s not really into hashing out disagreements or arguments,” Jayden explains.

“Yeah, but we’re still close, everything’s still good,” Eden says.

Feeling a bit of tension in the air, Mitch wants to get to the bottom of what’s really going on with Jayden. In a private chat, Jayden fills Mitch in on everything that’s been happening since the Retreat, which leaves Mitch feeling skeptical about the couple’s future.

“If I were being bossed around by a woman, that’d be it, I’d be out,” Mitch tells cameras.

The uncertainty of these two lingers in the air, leaving everyone wondering about the true state of Jayden and Eden’s relationship.

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“MAFS” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday  Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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