“MAFS” 2024 Recap: Did Tori Just Get Slut-Shamed By Jack’s Friend?


As we’re nearing the end of the “MAFS” experiment, things are heating up during the Homestays. The couples left standing are buzzing with excitement and nerves as they contemplate life beyond the experiment. Tonight, all eyes are on the two most talked-about couples: Jack and Tori, and Sara and Tim.

But, both pairs are facing some friend-related issues that are shaking up their relationships. So, grab your favourite snack and settle in as we spill all the tea in this “MAFS” recap.

Jack Expects Tori to Move to the Gold Coast, No Questions Asked

Jack is keen to show Tori around his beloved Gold Coast, but he’s not beating around the bush about who needs to make the big move if they want to take things to the next level. I mean, did anyone really expect otherwise?

“I really think if we were to live together, it’d have to be on the Gold Coast. So, Tori needs to get on board with that. I just can’t see why she wouldn’t love it,” he shares with the producers.

But, judging by the look on Tori’s face, she’s not exactly jumping for joy. As they head into the Homestays, she’s got some serious doubts about how committed Jack really is after that intense commitment ceremony.

“That last group session was incredibly awkward and overwhelming,” Tori reflects. “I need to feel assured about Jack’s feelings for me. He’s made it clear he won’t move to Melbourne.”

She continues, “Being at home, I have my family here… It’s a huge sacrifice for me to uproot my life.”

Tori’s hoping this week will reassure her that Jack’s all in, or else she’s not sure she’s ready to make such a big move. Although, let’s be real — she’d probably still do it anyway.


Tori Gets Grilled

Jack decides to treat Tori to lunch so she can meet his two closest friends, who also happen to be some of his personal training clients.

Lizz, one of Jack’s pals, doesn’t mince words when the cameras start rolling.

“Honestly, just from seeing them at the wedding, I’m not sure she’s the right one for him,” she shares.

Lizz doesn’t hold back as she zeroes in on Tori, questioning her values and dubbing her a “walking red flag”. She probes Tori about her comfort level with Jack having many female friends. Tori stays cool, admitting she’s got plenty of male friends herself and considers herself “one of the boys”.

“I’m concerned by that. I don’t want to stereotype but usually when I come across a girl that only has guy friends… it’s usually ‘cause they’re sleeping with all the boys,” Lizz says.


Tori tries to reassure Lizz that she’s never been romantically involved with her male friends, but Lizz remains skeptical.

So, let’s get this straight. Jack can have loads of female friends, but Tori hanging out with guys is suspicious? Sounds like a double standard to me. You said we’re not in the 1950s, but this feels pretty old-fashioned, Lizz.

“Jack has a lot of female friends and I don’t think she’s going to fit into his friend group if she just wants to hang out with the boys,” Lizz adds. 

“I’m not a fan… I just don’t think Tori is it for me. I don’t see it translating to the real world, I don’t see it going long-term.”

One thing is for sure, Tori is not happy about being in the firing line.

“Her line of questioning was so negative and trying to find an issue or concern, all it did was piss me off,” Tori admits.

Sara and Tim

Sara and Tim are settling into Sara’s apartment in Sydney when they meet up with Tim’s best man and longtime friend, Ben. Naturally, they fill him in on the whole “cheating” incident involving Sara’s ex, and Ben isn’t too thrilled about it. He starts questioning Sara about why she felt the need to lie, and they go back and forth for a bit.

After some discussion, Tim and Ben decide to step away for a private chat. Tim opens up to Ben about the details of Sara’s betrayal, and Ben warns Tim to tread carefully moving forward.


Tim admits to Ben that he hasn’t “fully forgiven” Sara for what she did, and says he’s troubled by how easily she lied.

“It’s a tricky position to be in, I feel like I have a bit of a guard up,” he tells Ben. “It’s triggering. I’m sick of girls walking all over me and going around lying, doing other shit behind your back.”

“I think if it’s in her nature, it will probably rear its head again,” Ben replies. “Trust needs to be earned, she has damaged that a little bit. If Tim wants to stay together… I think they have a lot of work to do.”

Tim really takes to heart what Ben says about his relationship with Sara.

“I think Ben’s advice has helped me validate some of my concerns about my relationship with Sara,” Tim admits. “The lying and meeting up with her ex were very hurtful to me. If we want to make this work, it would be nice for her to acknowledge what she’s done to me, and how big of a mistake it was, and to give me the reassurance that I need.”

Tim Wants Reassurance

Sara plans a day out for Tim on a boat, trying to bring back those wedding day vibes. But Tim’s mind keeps going back to Sara’s cheating, and he just can’t hold it in anymore. So, he brings it up.

Sara immediately gets defensive and starts breaking down, asking how many times she has to say sorry.

“It’s never-ending,” she says, tears streaming down her face. “We’ve spoken about this so many times, Tim. I’ve tried so f**king hard.”


Not wanting to upset Sara further, Tim quickly backs off. After things calm down a bit, Sara assures him that she’s still putting in the effort to make things right.

“I am still doing everything I can. I know that that will never happen again, I’m sorry,” Sara says.

Finally, they both agree to put the past behind them and focus on moving forward. It’s like they’ve had this breakthrough moment, and it feels like they’re back on track.

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“MAFS” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday  Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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