“MAFS” 2024 Recap: Plot Twist — Ben Confesses to Joining the Show for Fame


As we wave goodbye to week one of “MAFS” 2024, oh boy — it’s been a wild one! Six couples dove headfirst into the whirlwind of arranged marriages, and now, they’re gearing up for the Honeymoon phase. You know, that pivotal moment where love can either skyrocket or take a nosedive.

But we’re not bidding farewell to weddings just yet! Tonight, there’s a new duo in town, and trust me, they’re bringing the heat. We’re talking honest confessions that could make or break hearts and a grooms’ true intentions revealed.

So, buckle up for a wild joyride through this “MAFS” recap for episode four.

Ellie and Ben’s Wedding

Nurse Ellie’s journey to the altar deserves a standing ovation her fiancé prior to joining “MAFS” pulled the ultimate jerk move, calling off the wedding just months before the big day. Invites sent, dress secured, you name it — Ellie had to hit the cancel button on everything. And what does Mr. Ex do? Moves on quickly, getting his partner pregnant. Seriously, what a class act. So, Ellie turns to the experts, hoping to salvage her dream of saying “I do” and starting a family.

Enter travel guide Ben, who’s ready to trade in his globe-trotting adventures for some settled-down bliss.

Ben… Went on “MAFS” for Fame?


Ellie and Ben kick things off well, but something’s not quite right. Ellie’s protective cousin Jordan, equipped with a top-notch “BS radar”, smells something fishy. We could all use a Jordan in our lives, right? He doesn’t beat around the bush, and suspects Ben might just be here for some shameless self-promotion. And honestly, who could blame him? Ben’s been trying to crash this “MAFS” party multiple times.

“I can spot red flags a mile away, and I’m getting some bad juju vibes,” Jordan spills to cameras. Cue the ominous music.

Jordan goes straight to the source, cornering Ben for a chat and grilling him about his true intentions. Ben, to his credit, doesn’t completely shut down the thought of potential fame, dubbing it a “silver lining”. Well, at least he’s upfront about it. Love or fame, Ben?

The Dreaded Honesty Box Causes Chaos

The ominous Honesty Box rears its head, delivering a harsh reality check for Tori. She showers praise on Jack, considering him her perfect match, but when asked about their sexual chemistry, Jack doesn’t mince words.

“I’ve had bigger sparks instantly,” he replies bluntly, before delving into a detailed explanation of his unique timeline for forming physical connections. Cue the collective cringe as Jack shares way more than anyone asked for, adding to our growing list of Jack-induced “icks”.


“The day I met you, I wasn’t going, ‘God damn, I want to get this girl in bed’,” he says. “I am a sexually driven guy, I’ve gotta be connected to my partner and that takes time for me. I can nearly pinpoint how long that takes.”

Instead of going all fiery and confrontational like we expect, Tori takes it on the chin, almost with some weird sense of pride. Even Jack’s scratching his head and wondering why she isn’t giving him a piece of her mind.

“Maybe she is more submissive than she leads out to be, or she might like me and she’s trying to please me,” he says.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, Jack sets a six-week deadline on their bedroom activities. How romantic, right?

Tim and Lucinda

Over in Port Stephens, the Honeymoon Box is throwing Lucinda and Timothy into the deep end with some seriously heavy conversations. Tim, who hates talking about feelings and emotions, is in full-on panic mode.

They kick things off with a chat about their sexual escapades. Lucinda, our fearless queen, spills the tea about hosting tantric sex festivals and embracing the wild side of romance. Meanwhile, Tim owns up to keeping it plain and simple in the bedroom. I’m vanilla, baby!


Things take a turn for the couple when Tim drops a bomb and says that their sexual chemistry isn’t exactly setting off fireworks for him. Lucinda admits she felt a bit “deflated”, but, you know what? She’s not letting it ruffle her feathers. She tells Tim she understands and that she is a patient woman. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Lucinda? What a woman!

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“MAFS” continues Sunday at 7.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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