“MAFS” 2024 Recap: Lauren’s Brutal Confession After Wedding Day Chaos


Well, well, well. We’ve (almost) officially survived the first week of “MAFS” 2024 and it’s honestly the gift that keeps on giving. All week, we’ve met so many different personalities that range from heart-eye emojis to “Did they really just say that?” Yes, we’re looking right at you, Jack.

It feels like so much has happened already, but it’s only just beginning, and tonight, my friends, we’ve got front-row seats to the final two weddings of the season. Well, until the intruders come in later in the season, at least. In the spotlight tonight is none other than Lauren, the bride who’s ready to take the term “wedding day drama” to new heights. She’s been paired with the disciplined and health-focused Jonathan, so this match is like a collision of worlds, and we’re here for it. And later, we’ll finally meet the experiment’s oldest couple.

Now, we all know opposites attract, but let’s be real – history on this show suggests that it’s more like opposites collide. Are we in for a disaster or the greatest love story ever told? Well, let’s dive in to the “MAFS” recap to find out.

MAFS’ Lauren Is Late to Her Own Wedding

On the big day, Jonathan kicks off with a morning workout, and Lauren oversleeps. She’s so real for that, and the chaos only spirals from there. Lauren, in all her glory, decides to slap on some last-minute fake tan because, you know, the glow-up must go on! It’s like a comedy show as her limo gets stuck inside the driveway of her accommodation. To put the cherry on top, Lauren makes an emergency stopover by the side of the road to collect wildflowers and weeds as a makeshift bouquet. Seriously, what is happening? Meanwhile, Jonathan is patiently awaiting his bride, and probably questioning if she’s done a runner.


Despite the chaotic journey to the altar, Lauren finally waltzes in fashionably late, and she and Jonathan hit it off immediately. It’s honestly like they’re starring in their own rom-com. Cue the “awws”… and maybe a few side-eyes from Jonathan’s stepsister, Steph.

At the reception, Lauren is all over Jonathan. No, we mean like ALL over him. Now, we’re not saying Lauren’s enthusiasm isn’t appreciated, but Steph might need a moment to process the whirlwind that just blew through the reception. Is it love, or is Lauren just on a wedding high?

Speaking of Steph, she’s on high alert. Lauren’s raucous comments and wild behaviour at the ceremony leave her questioning if she’s the right fit for her step-brother. And can we talk about the cringe factor when Lauren starts discussing her new sister-in-law’s boobs?


The Morning After

Now, let’s fast forward to the morning after the chaos. Surprise, surprise the wedding buzz seems to have worn off for Lauren. Speaking to producers, she compares waking up next to Jonathan to “waking up from a one-night stand”.

With the initial spark flickering, Lauren and Jonathan pack their bags for the honeymoon. The drama is far from over, though. Call it intuition or just a gut feeling, but there’s a vibe in the air that this bride is going to eat her husband alive. Will Jonathan survive the Lauren hurricane, or are we in for a wild ride?

Say Hello to the “MAFS'” Oldest Couple

Now, let’s shift gears a bit and talk about Andrea and Richard, the experiment’s seasoned duo. Richard, the 62-year-old record-breaker, is here to prove that age is just a number in the quest for love. Despite striking out on dating apps, he’s all in for finding a partner with a fun-loving spirit.

Cue Andrea, a mum of two who’s ready to give love another shot after a rocky past relationship. These two? Match made in “MAFS” heaven.

The moment they lock eyes, it’s like the universe hit pause for a rom-com moment. Age? Nah, just a detail on the way to something special.

Will they defy the odds and show us that love truly knows no age? We bloody hope so.

For more drama, check out all our “MAFS” 2024 recaps here.

“MAFS” continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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