“MAFS” Fans Are Outraged Over Jack’s “Sexist” Comment… Thoughts?


The latest episode of “MAFS” has stirred up a storm of controversy, leaving fans reeling from a heated exchange between Jack Dunkley and Lauren Dunn. The confrontation reached a boiling point when Jack directed a demeaning comment towards Lauren, when he told her husband, Jonathan McCullough, to “muzzle” his wife.

Lets quickly recap. Lauren told Jack’s partner Tori about some not-so-flattering comments Jack made about Tori to the boys. He basically implied that in a partner swap scenario, it would be fair game for another guy to make a move on Tori because, well, he wasn’t exactly feeling that “sexual spark”.

Now, if you’re not up to speed, last year “MAFS” threw in this wild curveball called the ‘partner swap’ challenge.

Naturally, when the girls got wind of this at a dinner party, they wasted no time pulling Tori aside to spill the tea. But as soon as Jack suspected Lauren’s involvement, he couldn’t resist calling her out in front of everyone.

But Lauren, being the absolute queen she is, didn’t hold back. She confronted Jack about his remarks, refusing to let him off the hook with some weak excuse about a “lack of sexual spark”. She called him out for trying to play word games and shut down his attempts to blame Jonathan for breaking some imaginary “bro code”.

But the real kicker came when Jack decided to tell Jonathan to “muzzle” Lauren. Seriously, dude?

Unsurprisingly, fans took to social media in droves to express their outrage over Jack’s comment. I mean, come on, “muzzle your woman”? Viewers called the act “sexist”, “toxic” and an absolute “deal-breaker”.

Fans React to Jack’s Dinner Party Comment

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