Reality Rewind: MAFS’ Lauren Dunn Tells All About the Drama You Didn’t See


Have you ever wondered what life is really like after starring on MAFS? In our latest instalment of Reality Rewind, we sat down with season 11 bride Lauren Dunn who became a fan favourite for her bold personality and unforgettable moments on the show.

Lauren opened up about her fiery relationship with Jack, the surprising rumours that have surfaced since the series aired, and how she feels about her portrayal on TV. She also shared her perspective on the dramatic dinner party incident and lingering tensions with another bride on the show.

If you’re eager for an inside scoop on life post-MAFS, the challenges of reality TV, and the truth behind the headlines, Reality Rewind brings you an exclusive interview with Lauren Dunn. Below, find out everything MAFS‘ Lauren Dunn had to say about the show.

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MAFS‘ Lauren Dunn of Life Since the Show

You and Jack had quite the confrontational relationship. Have you had any contact with him or Tori since the show ended?

I have had contact with Jack and Tori. Jack and I have exchanged a few funny messages over Instagram regarding a story he’s posted, or whatever. Tori and I, same thing, we’ve had a bit of chit-chat here and there, which is really nice to have contact with  her. At the end of the day, I don’t have any overarching issue with Jack, what’s done is done. No bad blood, I don’t really care anymore, it’s long gone.

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Was there anything that you were hoping made it to air, but never did?

The one thing I was really hoping would make it to air was the night of the infamous dinner party, where Sara was exposed for cheating on her partner. The entire table took the opportunity to start yelling at her and having a go at her, which, to me, was insane because most people didn’t say a word to any of the guys when something came up. But as soon as it was Sara, everyone jumped down her throat. I kind of stood up at the end of the table with her. The producers muted the rest of the table’s mics to make it look like she was yelling at everyone, which was not the case.

I actually ended up pulling my mic off, she pulled hers out, and we stormed out. I was like, “Let’s get the f**k out of here”. They didn’t show any of my reactions, they didn’t show me speaking, and I think they did that because the Godfathers in the editing room were worried that if I was defending her too much, the audience would turn on me.

I wish they had shown me defending her because that’s what should’ve happened from everyone else.

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Given the tension between you and Eden since the show ended, is there anything more you’d like to share about the situation?

I just find all that pettiness beneath me, honestly. I think it is embarrassing, and I kind of regret addressing it in that Q&A. You’re not going to find me sitting in a podcast, trying to tear anyone down, and I regret even getting involved in that. Also, it’s really hard to have “beef” or argue with someone who just doesn’t really get or understand things. So, I just don’t have the energy to drag it out or continue it. Nothing else to say on that.

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What’s the wildest rumour you’ve heard about yourself since MAFS aired, and how did you react to it?

I keep getting this rumour that I’ve heard surgery on my eyes, that I’ve had some sort of eyelid or fox eye surgery, which is ridiculous. I can’t help the way that I look, that’s probably one thing that I can’t change. 

And, I keep hearing about this apparent boyfriend in Bali, I’m gonna go and find him. Unfortunately there’s no boyfriend in Bali, I wish there was. I am single.

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Let’s talk about the edit: How did you feel about the way you were portrayed at the time?  

I think the way I was portrayed was extremely fair. I believe everything you see is how it happened. 

Obviously, we film for hours and hours a day… and you only get one hour episode, four nights a week. So, obviously, they have to edit down the footage so when the whole edit things comes into play, if they’re showing your bad parts and not your good parts, you can say you had an unfair edit. But, everything you see is what really happens.

I don’t think there’s any misconceptions of me. I think everything you see was really how I was.

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