Which “MAFS” 2024 Couples Are Still Together?


Season 11 of “MAFS” was quite the rollercoaster. 12 couples took the plunge into holy matrimony, all crossing their fingers for that magical connection that lasts a lifetime. Fast forward three months of soul-searching, challenges, and heart-to-hearts, and guess what? Only five pairs managed to weather the storm and make it to the final vows. Below, find out which “MAFS” 2024 couples are still together.

We had Jade and Ridge, Lauren and Jonathan, Tori and Jack, Eden and Jayden, and Sara and Tim standing there, hearts pounding, facing the moment of truth. It was decision time — keep the flame burning beyond the cameras and into the real world, or gracefully bow out.

So, let’s dish on which “MAFS” couples are still together for season 11 since the experiment ended.

Which “MAFS” 2024 Couples Are Still Together?

Are Jayden and Eden Still Together?


Eden and Jayden had all the makings of a fairytale couple right from the start, capturing hearts with their chemistry and connection throughout the experiment.

In the beginning, they seemed inseparable, but as time passed, challenges arose. Eden’s anxiety occasionally caused tension, and communication hit a few bumps along the way. But they made it all the way to the end on Final Vows.

However, it seems since after the experiment ended the couple have gone their separate ways. The pair confirmed their split on social media, with Eden admitting: ““I’m saddened to share that toward the end of the show airing, our relationship came to an unexpected end. The ‘reality’ is, the person I chose didn’t choose me.”

Read the full story here.

Verdict: Not together

Are Jack and Tori Still Together?


Jack and Tori certainly stirred up their fair share of controversy in the history of “MAFS”. But when it came down to the wire at the final vows, they surprised everyone by choosing to stick it out together.

Their journey was far from smooth sailing, though. Right from the get-go, they faced rumours about Jack’s ex-girlfriend in week one. Then came the infamous “muzzle” comment, followed closely by a hurtful “whale” remark. And let’s not forget the ongoing doubts about Jack’s attraction to Tori.

During the final vows, Jack hinted that maybe they weren’t the perfect match due to these obstacles. However, he made a surprising U-turn, declaring that Tori was a risk worth taking. And now? Well, they’re already planning Tori’s big move to the Gold Coast. Looks like they’re in it for the long haul.

Verdict: Still together

Are Lauren and Jonathan Still Together?


Their wedding day had that instant spark, but boy, did they face some rollercoaster moments trying to keep it alive! And just when they thought they’d weathered every storm, bam. Jonathan’s texting Ellie scandal came out of left field in the final stretch. The tension at the final dinner party was palpable, especially when Jonathan didn’t seem to regret a thing.

And let’s not even get started on the lead-up to the final vows — Jonathan practically admitted he’d rather be anywhere else but with Lauren. They may have disagreed on the seriousness of those texts, but they were definitely on the same page about calling it quits.

Verdict: Not together

Are Sara and Tim Still Together?


Sara and Tim’s journey through the experiment was like a wild rollercoaster ride, full of twists and turns.

They were like fire and ice, with Sara’s fiery temperament often butting heads with Tim’s laid-back vibe. And just when you thought things couldn’t get more complicated, it came out that Sara had met up with an ex behind Tim’s back.

As they approached the Final Vows, Tim found himself in a real dilemma, torn between his logical thoughts and his love for Sara. But you know what? Despite all the ups and downs, Tim couldn’t ignore the effort Sara had been putting in to rebuild trust.

Sure, they knew they still had a mountain of work ahead of them, but Tim was eager to see what the future held for him and Sara. Who knows? Maybe their love story was just getting started.

Verdict: Still together

Are Jade and Ridge Still Together?


Jade and Ridge hit it off right from the start, despite Ridge’s quirky sense of humour.

Sure, there was some serious chemistry between them, but there was also this big question hanging in the air: Was Ridge really ready to step up and be the dad figure for Jade’s seven-year-old daughter?

Jade couldn’t help but wonder if Ridge was up for the challenge, especially considering the idea of relocating with her daughter. But surprise, surprise. Ridge did a complete 180, going from the fun-loving frat boy to a dedicated husband and father-to-be.

In a touching final vows declaration, Ridge poured his heart out, confessing he was “100 percent obsessed” with Jade and vowing to move to the Gold Coast within three months. Jade’s feelings were mutual.

Verdict: Still together

Are Timothy and Lucinda Still Together?


Back when we first started this experiment, if you’d asked us whether Lucinda and Timothy would still be going strong by now, we probably would’ve shrugged and said, “Who knows?” But, despite mutually agreeing on leaving the experiment, their breakup was actually pretty sweet. They exchanged “I love you” and promised to stay best buds forever.

Verdict: Not together

Are Cassandra and Tristan Still Together?


Cassandra and Tristan’s love story captured hearts from the moment they met at the altar. Despite Cassandra’s tragic past, their wedding was a beacon of hope and genuine connection. But as the experiment unfolded, the pair realised they’re better off as pals and decided to leave the experiment.

Verdict: Not together

Are Natalie and Collins Still Together?


Short answer, no. Natalie and Collins called it quits very early in the experiment. Their departure followed a heated commitment ceremony where Natalie dropped the bombshell that she couldn’t trust Collins anymore.

Despite Collins’ shock, Natalie wasn’t convinced of his sincerity, suggesting his tears were more about losing screen time than genuine heartbreak. In the end, Natalie wrote ‘leave’ while Collins chose ‘stay’, leaving fans stunned but not entirely surprised.

Verdict: Not together

Are Ben and Ellie Still Together?


Looks like Ellie and Ben might not be ending up together after all. Despite their initial chemistry, things went south when Ben couldn’t commit to Ellie’s desire for children.

Now, it seems Ellie has moved on, as recent photos show her sharing a passionate kiss with another groom from the show, Jonathan, at a Sydney beach.

Verdict: Not together

Are Andrea and Richard Still Together?


Amidst the chaos of reality TV romance, Andrea and Richard emerged as a beacon of hope. Being the oldest couple in the experiment, their genuine connection and shared values hint at a love story that defies age and expectations. We had such high hopes for this pair, but they decided to leave the experiment. However, the pair have since been spotted on a coffee date in Sydney on February 10, looking very cosy with each other. So, could this mean they’re back on?

Verdict: Not together

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