MAFS’ Tayla’s ‘Accidental’ Slip-Up Causes Tension at the Reunion Commitment Ceremony

Tayla’s ‘Accidental’ Slip-Up Causes Tension at MAFS Reunion
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Guys, can you believe it? “MAFS” has finally come to an end. In the show’s true fashion, it didn’t go out without a bang. It was an emotional trip down memory lane as every couple returned for the reunion commitment ceremony to relive some of the best and worst moments.

The group reflected on all the highs and lows of the experiment and it’s clear that there are still some open wounds that needed to be healed. This is especially for Lyndall and Cam after the alleged sexting scandal with Tayla that emerged during the dinner party.

The experts started by saying they had high hopes for their relationship but it looks like there are still some major issues there. The pair both admitted that they were happier now that they are out of the experiment.

Things got really juicy when they had to watch back some footage of their relationship. Lyndall was so upset because things started so great between them before everything went downhill. Cameron tried to explain that there was a lot of pressure at the start but Lyndall wasn’t having it and let him know just how offended she was.

MAFS’ Tayla’s ‘Accidental’ Slip-Up Causes Tension at the Reunion Commitment Ceremony
Channel 9

Tayla’s Slip of the Tongue Leaves Everyone Shocked

Things got even more complicated when the experts asked about Cam’s relationship with Tayla. He denied anything was going on there but Tayla seemed pretty nervous and accidentally spilled the beans that she might have feelings for Cameron. Yikes!

“It hasn’t been explored yet,” she let slip before she quickly backpedalled. “Not that it is going to be explored.”

“I didn’t mean to say that. I said that, if Cam was in Tassie, then perhaps. But he’s not. He’s on the other side of Australia which makes it really hard.”

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Cam added: “I think that’s where it ends there, nail in the coffin.”

Lyndall described the whole ordeal between Cam and Tayla as the “missing piece” that made her whole experience make sense before Cam dropped another bombshell.

“I obviously wasn’t ready to be in a relationship. That’s the core of the issue right there,” he admitted.

In the end, Cam tried to apologise to Lyndall for the way he treated her but it didn’t go so well. Lyndall called him out for not being remorseful enough and listed all the ways he had hurt her.

“You have never once acted that you have much care at all for how much you hurt me,” she said. “You should’ve done that the whole experiment. Be better. Have some f***ing integrity.”

The experts ended things by urging Cam to take Lyndall’s advice and wished them both the best for the future.

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