Could Morgan and Lilli Be the First All-Female Team to Win The Amazing Race Australia?

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We’ve seen Morgan and Lilli kill it on The Amazing Race Australia, as they sprint to the finish line in the hopes of taking home the cash prize.

However, this isn’t their first rodeo together. Morgan and Lilli have been best friends for a decade now, and together, they’ve lived in over 20 share rooms, worked 10 jobs together and explored over 100 cities with one another.

The pair are platonic soulmates, and as they venture around the globe, they document their journey on social media.

It was only natural for them to enter The Amazing Race Australia, with both of them looking toward the next challenge life has to offer. 

They’ve been training for the race for a long time, and finally being able to participate has been a dream come true.

The competition is yet to see an all-female team take home the prize, and Morgan and Lilli are determined to break the curse.

“The main reason I want to be on The Amazing Race Australia is to travel and experience new cultures and places with my best friend, while literally doing the race of a lifetime,” Lilli told 10play.

They’re not used to staying in one place for a long time, with Lilli having lived in Canada, Byron Bay, Whitsundays and the Gold Coast.

So, racing through six different continents should be a total breeze. 

Both Morgan and Lilli recognise their strengths and weaknesses, and together, they make for the ultimate dream team.

“Best part about travelling with Lil is she is always reading up on the best places to go and like me always says yes to every opportunity,” said Morgan.

Catch Lili and Morgan on The Amazing Race Australia, only on Channel 10 and 10play.

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