27 Movies to Watch When You’re in a “Mean Girls” Mood

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“Mean Girls” is a total classic for so many reasons: its endless supply of quotable lines, its satirical but still relatable plot, and its memorable characters, to name just a few. It has definitely earned its place in the pantheon of iconic high school movies, but it’s not the only teen movie to worm its way into our hearts.

The teen movie genre goes back decades, evolving to reflect both the idealised versions of high school life and more realistic ones. “Mean Girls” falls somewhere in between, which is a big part of its legacy. While most people probably didn’t have a literal Burn Book being passed around the hallways of our high schools, you can definitely relate to the intense cliques, brutal spreading of rumours, and feeling like you’ll never fit in. “Mean Girls” is ridiculous and over-the-top, but it’s also honest about what it feels like to be a teenager, and that, even more than the hilarious dialogue and iconic scenes, keeps it relevant nearly 20 years later.

It’s no wonder that we’re always looking for movies that remind us of the best parts of “Mean Girls.” Though “Mean Girls” is absolutely one of a kind, there are plenty of other movies that remind us of some of the best elements of this beloved comedy. The next time you’re craving a rewatch, consider making it a double feature with one of these fantastic movies, too.

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