‘Just Friends’ Duo Tommy and Rach Set to Cook Up a Storm on “My Kitchen Rules” 2023

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Meet “My Kitchen Rules” team Tommy and Rach, the inseparable duo who are more like a loved-up couple with their affectionate touches and glances. However, their bond is purely platonic, rooted in a deep friendship that’s as strong as any romantic connection.

Tommy, a self-proclaimed creative soul, freelances in branding and graphic design, while Rach delves into the world of fashion, working in styling and modelling.

What Tommy and Rach Bring to “My Kitchen Rules”

These two creative and spiritual hipsters crossed paths over two years ago and instantly connected over their shared interests and hobbies. They’re known for hosting gatherings with other creative minds and have even been spotted setting up dining tables on the nature strip in the middle of the street. Their greatest strength lies in their communication, but Tommy has a knack for pushing Rach’s buttons.

According to Tommy and Rach, they can win “My Kitchen Rules” because they’re excellent communicators. They know what the other person needs from them, as to avoid a disaster.

“Rach and I have amazing communication,” said Tommy in a press release. “We are super complementary. She’s very micro, and I am super macro. Yin and yang.”

Likewise, Rach described their dynamic as “playful, focused, and supportive.”

Their Signature Dish

When it comes to signature dishes, Tommy takes a unique stance, believing that it’s not just about what you cook, but who you’re cooking for and who you’re in the company of. Rach, on the other hand, boasts a mouthwatering signature dish – Lamb French cutlets seasoned with herbs from her own garden.

Fun Facts About Tommy and Rach

  • Tommy’s culinary journey began with jams and curds, which he used to cook with his nana when he was younger.
  • Rach’s first foray into cooking was baking a chocolate cake with her beloved nana.
  • Fresh, vibrant, and flavour-packed dishes are Rach’s signature style.
  • Tommy is renowned among his friends for his mastery in creating the perfect cheese platter.

“My Kitchen Rules” premieres at 7.30pm on Monday, September 4. It will be airing on both Channel 7 and the 7plus app.

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