Coco and Pearls Add Spice, Sass, and Signature Dishes to “My Kitchen Rules”

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Get ready to witness Coco and Pearls, two alpha women, captivating “My Kitchen Rules” with their confidence and charisma. With a clear plan in mind, these ladies know exactly what they like, what they want, and how to achieve it.

New Zealand-born Coco is a pop singer known for her good looks and impeccable personal hygiene standards. Meanwhile, Czech Republic-born Pearls is a headstrong and determined individual who will perform an IG deep dive on a chef before selecting a restaurant. Together? They’re a dynamic duo with an extraordinary culinary agenda.

Coco and Pearls are direct, outspoken, and not afraid to be critical. Their friends often witness them sending food back and leaving online reviews, earning them a reputation for being discerning diners.

What Coco and Pearls Bring to “My Kitchen Rules”

Their strategy is clear: dazzle the other teams with their beauty and charm, then take them by surprise with their exceptional cooking skills.

They openly admit to being “a little bit bitchy” when dining out and are renowned among their friends for sending food back, complaining to waitstaff, and sharing their opinions through online reviews. If their reputation at restaurants is anything to go by, Coco and Pearls are sure to be discerning judges.

Fun Facts About Coco and Pearls

  • Coco describes herself as a “healthy, creative, calm, fun” cook.
  • Pearls is a passionate cook, admitting, “You never leave hungry when I cook. I hate following recipes, they confuse you.”
  • Coco runs her own business, LowCarb Creations.
  • Pearl’s signature dish is BBQ pork ribs paired with whiskey parsnip puree and homemade gnocchi.
  • Coco’s signature dish is a Parmesan-crusted lamb cutlet.

“My Kitchen Rules” airs Mondays — Wednesdays at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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