6 of the Best Movies About Princess Diana

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In recent years, viewers have flocked to Netflix’s “The Crown” for its unapologetic yet arguably realistic depiction of the British royal family, which addresses Princess Diana’s rocky marriage and subsequent divorce from Prince Charles. The streamer is not the first to tell Diana’s story, however, and it will certainly not be the last.

When Diana married Charles in 1981, she was almost immediately referred to as “The People’s Princess” for her kindhearted, humble, and down-to-earth nature, which many of those in the royal circle detested. On her own, she was beloved by millions around the world, and the media circus surrounding Diana trickled down past the paparazzi to feature and made-for-TV films in the 1980s and onward. After her tragic death in a car accident in 1997, countless films have been made to either honour the late princess’s legacy or shed a different light on her experiences in the royal family.

Within the past 20 years alone, there have been notable movies dedicated to Princess Diana, whether it be “The Queen,” starring Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth; “Diana,” in which Naomi Watts portrays the princess in the last years of her life; or the latest, “Spencer,” with Kristen Stewart as Diana in the early 1990s. If you’ve already binge-watched “The Crown” and are looking for some other films that tell Princess Diana’s story, check out these six!

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