Reneé Rapp’s “Mean Girls” Press Tour Has Been So Iconic She Could Actually Make ‘Fetch’ Happen


Reneé Rapp has accomplished the seemingly impossible — she’s been so iconic on the “Mean Girls” press tour that if she tried to make ‘fetch’ happen, it would! Although the musical movie has just hit the cinemas, it’s safe to say that the 24-year-old has absolutely stolen the spotlight while promoting the film.

From playfully mixing up Lindsay Lohan, the OG Cady Heron, to reserving a special spot in her burn book for the mysterious Buddy, the new Regina George has injected a delightful dose of chaos into every interview.

In a world where celebs usually stick to the script, Reneé Rapp is flipping the narrative, and her off-the-cuff moments are the secret sauce making the “Mean Girls” press tour unforgettable.

Lets delve into her most iconic moments from the press tour.

All of Reneé Rapp’s Iconic “Mean Girls” Press Tour Moments

Reneé Rapp Not Knowing Who Kylie Minogue Is

One of Rapp’s most surprising moments during the press tour was her revelation that she had no idea who Kylie Minogue was. In a game with MagicFM, she left fans bewildered when she admitted to only recently hearing about Minogue’s prosecco brand.

“I don’t know who that… Does she have prosecco now?” Rapp asked. “I was in London last month, and somebody was like, ‘We brought Kylie Minogue prosecco.’ Who is this? Who is this queen? Is she an actor?”

@magicfm The cast of @Mean Girls try to figure out who @Kylie Minogue is!? #meangirls #meangirlsmovie #kylieminogue #reneerapp #musicaltheatre #padampadam #angourierice #avantikavandanapu #christopherbriney #bebewood #auliicravalho #jaquelspivey #reginageorge #karenshetty #gretchenwieners ♬ original sound – Magic Radio

Despite Minogue’s reign in the music biz, Rapp’s genuine confusion added a hilarious twist to the press tour.

Putting Buddy in the ‘Burn Book’

The burn book, made famous by the original “Mean Girls”, got a new entry during Rapp’s interviews. Instead of targeting a fellow Plastic, she called out a man named Buddy, the owner of a bus-touring company. ‘Cause, why not? Mid-interview, she set her target on this employee, declaring she wanted his business to “burn”.

“There is a man who owns a bus-touring company. His name is Buddy and he is such an asshole,” she said. “He was so disrespectful to my friends Priscilla and Bella, who I work with, and to my mother.

“If you’re watching this, I can’t stand you and I hope your business burns. You are so disrespectful and so misogynistic. I hate you. F**k you, Buddy.”

Gay People are “Generally Cooler and Better”

Now, let’s talk about Rapp’s unfiltered moment discussing queer coolness with co-star Christopher Briney, who plays Aaron Samuels in the new film. Rapp is bisexual, and previously discussed her journey to discovering her sexuality on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. Without sugar-coating anything, Rapp straight-up declared that, in her opinion, queer people are “generally cooler and better”.

“In pop culture — and obviously I’m going to be biased — gay people are generally cooler and better,” she said, before quickly apologising to her castmate. “But, I think that’s more celebrated now, I would hope. Again, in certain spaces, absolutely.”

Lindsay Lohan or “Lilo and Stitch”?

In the 2000s, Lindsay Lohan quickly became one of Hollywood’s It girls. We’re talking “Parent Trap”, “Freaky Friday”, “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” and, of course, the OG “Mean Girls”. She not only dominated the screen but also earned herself a distinct moniker — LiLo, a title that nestled her alongside the likes of J Lo, ScarJo, and A-Rod in the realms of media.

Yet, it seems like a specific cultural wave might have drifted past Rapp. In her universe, the only “LiLo” that holds recognition is the Disney character from “Lilo and Stitch”.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, a reporter asked for her thoughts on Lindsay’s cameo.

“What was your reaction when you heard that they got LiLo to make that big surprise cameo in this?” the reporter asked.

@entertainmenttonight Reneé Rapp confusing Lindsay Lohan with Lilo from ‘Lilo & Stitch’. ? Try not to say mother challenge… ‘Mean Girls’ edition. #meangirls #reneerapp ♬ original sound – Entertainment Tonight

After a beat, Rapp responded with a mix of bewilderment and humour.

“Oh, I was like… ‘And Stitch?!'” she exclaimed. “Wait, am I tripping? Excuse me, what? I know we haven’t seen it yet in full but…”

Had the cameo actually been Lilo from “Lilo and Stitch”, Rapp would’ve been on board with that, too. In fact, she would have been excited to meet the “older sister from ‘Lilo and Stitch'” because she’s “so fine”.

Basically? Reneé Rapp is the breath of fresh air we didn’t know we needed, and we can’t wait for more of her iconic moments.

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