Will Tamera’s High Standards Lead to Love on “Love Triangle”?

tamera love triangle

Get ready to meet Tamera, a 26-year-old content creator and model hailing from the fashion-forward world of London. Her journey on “Love Triangle” promises a blend of style, romance, and the search for true love.

Tamera’s journey begins across the pond in London, where she took her first steps into the world of modelling and content creation. She’s graced catwalks and magazines, but there’s one runway she’s yet to conquer — the path to true love.

Meet Tamera

Tamera is a force to be reckoned with, both in her career and on the quest for love. She’s super-driven and has no intention of settling for anything less than extraordinary. Some might say she has high standards, but that’s far from the truth. Tamera insists it’s just about finding a guy who’s 6’5″ or above (definitely not shorter), has depth of character, and is either an entrepreneur or a professional athlete. No biggie, right?

Like many in the modern dating scene, Tamera has had her fair share of dating app disasters, and she is completely over the mind games. She’s looking for something real, something that goes beyond the superficial swipes and witty messages.

While she’s unsure if there’s a guy out there who can check all her boxes, Tamera is excited to be proven wrong. She’s ready to meet someone who’s on her level, someone who can match her drive and passion for life.

The first two episodes of “Love Triangle” Season 2 will premiere October 5 followed by a brand new episode every Thursday, only on Stan.

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