Did This Fan Theory Just Predict Taylor Swift’s 12th Album?


Taylor Swift, the queen of surprises and Easter eggs, has once again ignited speculation among Swifties. As if the recent release of her 31-song opus, The Tortured Poets Department, wasn’t enough to keep fans buzzing, a viral TikTok theory has sparked excitement that Swift might have yet another album up her sleeve before her monumental Eras Tour concludes.

Swifties are renowned for crafting intricate theories and dissecting every move of their idol. From predicting album releases to unraveling hidden messages in music videos, the Swiftie community is always on the lookout for clues. And this time, it’s all about the tour merch.

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Taylor Swift’s Updated Eras Tour Merch

The theory, put forth by TikToker caitpatton, centres around the evolution of Taylor Swift’s tour posters. Initially, the Eras Tour poster showcased images from 10 of Swift’s studio albums, arranged chronologically. However, the artwork for Midnights, a part of The Tortured Poets Department, occupied three squares instead of the usual one, leaving fans speculating about the possibility of more albums to come.

@caitpatton 3 2 1 … the math is mathing @Taylor Swift #greenscreen #ts12 ♬ original sound – Caitlin 🧚🏻‍♀️

Swift’s recent update to the tour has incorporated The Tortured Poets Department into the setlist and merch, which has further fuelled the theory. The revised tour poster features the new album prominently in two central squares, with Midnights positioned in the bottom right corner. This adjustment has led fans to ponder whether Swift might surprise them with her 12th studio album before the Eras Tour reaches its conclusion.

The Orange Colour Theory

The speculation doesn’t stop there. Swifties have also pointed to the recurring orange theme in Swift’s recent performances, leading some to believe that her next album might embrace this colour palette. While The Tortured Poets Department leans towards a white aesthetic, fans are hopeful that Swift’s next musical endeavour will introduce the much-anticipated orange era.


Moreover, Swift’s track record of announcing new projects during her tours, such as the Taylor’s Version re-recordings of Speak Now and 1989, adds weight to the theory. With Reputation and her eponymous debut album next in line for re-releases, some speculate that Swift might unveil both these projects alongside her 12th studio album, further enriching the Eras Tour experience for fans. After all, with Taylor Swift, the possibilities are endless.

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