Which Famous Celebrity Did Jay Lal From The Bachelor Date? We Did Some Digging

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Tonight on The Bachelor Australia, a bombshell was revealed about Jay Lal: She had a famous ex-boyfriend.

So naturally, everyone on Twitter went nuts. We all wanted to find out exactly who this celebrity boyfriend was, and as a journalist, I take pride in my investigative skills so I did some snooping.

In the preview for the next episode, Jay revealed this famous man was the New Zealand Bachelor, so that made my search for answers much easier.

With New Zealand having three seasons of The Bachelor, we had three options.

It can’t be season 1’s Art Green, as he is currently in a happy relationship with Matilda Rice, who he chose on his season of The Bachelor.

We’re then left with Jordan Mauger and Moses Mackay. I’m doubting it’s the former, as he’s been in a long term relationship since his stint on the show.

And TBH, Moses looks more like Jay’s type. So, my money is on Moses Mackay.

Moses isn’t just The Bachelor, but he’s also a singer and former sportsman, so definitely deserves his celeb status.

He’s also dipped his toes into acting.

Whether Jay and Moses dated is yet to be confirmed, but he seems like the likely choice.

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