The Bachelorette’s Brooke and Darvid on Moving In Together and Each Other’s Annoying Habits

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The Bachelorette ended its history-making season last night (Nov. 25) with Brooke Blurton choosing Darvid as the one she wants to spend every waking minute with.

It was between the 27-year-old landscaper and Jamie-Lee, and despite having a strong connection with both, only one could walk away with their heart still in tact.

Unfortunately for Jamie-Lee, she was the one that had to suffer heartbreak, but with the final being filmed months ago, she’s now in good spirits. POPSUGAR Australia caught up with the happy couple and chatted with them about the finale and what their plans are for the future.

POPSUGAR Australia: Congratulations! I know the finale was filmed a while back, but how did it feel to watch it all back last night?

Brooke Blurton: Emotional! I think the range of emotions, because you have to experience Jamie-Lee’s dates as well, and I felt that I was kind of reliving it all again. And poor Darvid, he was all watching it unfold. But overall, when it finished we both looked at each other and thought, it’s done. It’s out.

Darvid Garayeli: Lots of tears, but we were so stoked. We’ve been gunning for this moment for four months now, so it was nice to watch it back, and it was nice to relive it. I’m excited for the future now.

PS: How have the last few months been like for you guys?

BB: A lot of FaceTime! We’ve had a lot of quarantines, we’ve had COVID restrictions. It’s been fun man! *laughs* When you do long distance, it teaches you so much more about a person, especially the foundational stuff. And we really leaned into it. We got creative, we had virtual dates. In long-distance, we built this beautiful, foundational relationship and we’re so excited that now it’s actually out. Because we never got to do things like, go to coffee or brunch or dinner. Darvid still owes me SO many dates by the way! 

PS: What will be your first “normal” date now that the show is over?

DG: Well I’ve definitely got to take Brooke to dinner. That’s a done deal, but I think we were pretty stoked for our dogs to meet. They haven’t met yet, I’ve met Cobar but Brooke still needs to meet Dude. 

BB: That’s our little family! So my plan, because that’s Darvid’s, that’s not mine, would be actually waking up to my boyfriend and going and getting a coffee, and experiencing Melbourne. And being able to do couple things like homeware shopping, plant shopping, and all the bloody stuff we love but we hate.

PS: So I read on Instagram that the two of you were moving in together. How has that process been like?

BB: Yeah! I classify myself as a little bit of a hustler, so we both decided we were going to do this — Darvid’s been busy in Brissy working away at selling his business, and packing up his house and putting it on the market. It’s been a long four months.

DG: It’s kept us busy which is good, because long distance is difficult. I got everything ready just a couple of days ago and it was such a relief.

BB: I moved to Melbourne three weeks ago so I’ve been getting things ready so he can just come and relax and not worry about anything. 

PS: I know someone leaked to the press that Darvid was the winner, but how did you guys try to keep it a secret? Did you have any code names for each other?

BB: We had plenty, but we had to change some of them. I originally had him as Dianne, but then I changed him to Lizzie, and I was Ben on his phone.

DG: Yeah, Ben Bridges *laughs*.

PS: Darvid, did you expect Brooke would choose you in the end?

DG: I think, up until that day I was super confident. I felt good the whole way, I don’t like to think any negative thoughts, I wanted to manifest what will happen. Then on the final day, I realised I had no idea what Brooke’s connection was like with Jamie-Lee. And Brooke didn’t help by leading me down the wrong path at the beginning of the speech. But I felt so relieved, I think you could see the moment where I was like, “It’s alright, you got this” because I thought she was dumping me. Then I realised she was telling me she loved me, so definitely a roller coaster.

PS: Finally, can you name each other’s most annoying habit?

DG: Brooke’s pretty good, I have to give her credit, but she definitely does leave a wet towel on the bed. So that’s a massive red flag, I’m kidding!

BB: Wow, where do I start? F**k I don’t know! Okay, it’s not a flaw but he can annoy me because he gets quite clingy. He’s very over-affectionate!

DG: Yeah Brooke hits her limit but I’m like, “Nah, come here!”

BB: Oh, he also leaves his shit everywhere!

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