“We Are Human”: The Block’s Tanya Issues Apology After *That* Cheating Scandal

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The Block: Fans vs Faves has been embroiled in one of the biggest scandals the show has ever seen.

It all started when Ronnie and Georgia accused twins Luke and Josh of cheating, claiming they have a photo of the entire production schedule.

What soon unfolded was something no one had expected. 

While the boys were in possession of the photo, it was revealed they had received it from fellow contestants Tanya and Vito, who claim an unknown tradie had sent it to them.

Now, Tanya has taken to Instagram to issue an apology, writing:

“On behalf of Vito and I, we would like to apologise for our role in this cheating scandal.

“Many may have varied opinions of exactly what took place but we would like everyone to know just how upset and sorry we are that things turned out the way they did.

“We are your regular family who applied for @theblock to better our future and make our children proud and this was not a proud moment; it was embarrassing and humiliating and I only have myself to blame.”

Tanya went on to describe how it felt to have to explain the entire incident to her children, saying it was “one of the hardest challenges we have had to face thus far.”

“We are human, just like anyone else, and we made a mistake. It does not excuse what we did and we take full responsibility for the impact it had on everyone involved, including the full cast, crew and builders,” she said.

After news broke, the couple had told lies to prevent the truth from coming out, which Tanya addressed in her apology.

“We saw an opportunity and we took it, but it wasn’t right or OK,” she added.

“We understand people’s anger but we hope that you will see the human side of us. We are still healing and real lives can be affected. We are truly grateful and will never take for granted the opportunity #TheBlock has given us. We hope to still make our family proud.”

While viewers have been calling for the twins and Tanya and Vito to be disqualified from the competition, contestants Mitch and Mark revealed their punishment was anything but harsh.

“I think they got off pretty lightly … we were kinda surprised at how lightly they got off,” Mitch told Fitzy and Wippa.

“Ultimately (their house) has gotta go to auction,” added Mark.

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