Alli Simpson Told Us Everything We Needed to Know About Her Time on The Masked Singer

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On Monday night, The Masked Singer announced their final five: Vampire, Mullet, Dolly, Baby and Kebab. Which unfortunately meant, Lightning had to take off her mask, and reveal herself.

What came next was completely unexpected, which seems to be a running theme throughout this entire season. Behind the soulful voice of Lightning was none other than Alli Simpson, younger sister of pop sensation Cody Simpson.

Alli isn’t the first Simpson to appear on The Masked Singer, with Cody taking home the title on the first season of the hit show. Alli, who also took part in I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! earlier this year, is a TV veteran at this point, and is always up for a new challenge.

POPSUGAR Australia had the chance to speak with Alli about her experience on the show, and whether she received any advice from Cody before taking the stage.

POPSUGAR Australia: How did you come to be on The Masked Singer?

Alli Simpson: Well it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time, obviously since my brother did it on the first season a few years ago. I was like, “Wouldn’t that be just so much fun to do?”, and then I obviously worked on I’m A Celebrity at the beginning of the year, and then that just led to me having connections. So, I basically just told my manager, “I would love to do The Masked Singer” and they were like, “Let’s make it happen!” And it ended up being quite serendipitous and worked out quite well. 

PS: Whoever appears on The Masked Singer has to keep it a heavily guarded secret. So, who in your life knew that you were going on the show?

AS: Yeah it was such a tough one to keep a secret, especially because I was so excited about it as well — I’m sure all the Masks are on the same boat. But obviously, my closest family knew and had a bit of an idea, because I was leaving the Gold Coast for quite some time, so they knew something was up.

But other than that, I really just didn’t want to tell anyone, because the secrecy of it all excited me and that’s what makes the show so great. So, I did my best to keep it a secret from the majority of people in my life, which was definitely hard to do. 

PS: Cody won the first season of The Masked Singer. Did he give you any pointers before you appeared on the show?

AS: Yeah! Cody’s advice for me was just to have fun. It’s such a fun and creative show with absolutely no pressure, no one can even see you, no one knows who you are, you can just go and have fun. So, that’s what Cody said, he just had a blast doing it. You’re not really you, you’re a character and you just sort of become one with your character and have fun while you do it. So, he was just like, “Go and have a blast, you’re going to be epic!”

PS: How long did it take you to learn your performance?

AS: Yeah, each performance was different. So, you basically learn the song and then there’s a little bit of choreography that goes with that. So obviously with strict COVID rules, we were learning most of our dances via Zoom, and from videos. We really got a good gist of it through videos and then went along with it on the show. So it took about a day or two to learn each performance.

PS: Your performance was amazing last night, were you shocked to hear that your time was up?

AS: Yeah! I mean, the hard thing is, we couldn’t really hear any of the other singers or necessarily see their costumes all the time. So, I was fully aware that there would be so many amazing singers. So, I definitely wasn’t shocked, I was just more sad. Because I was having so much fun and I didn’t really want it to end, so I was more just like, “Aw, I’m sad now” because I was excited to do more performances. It was literally so much fun, I never wanted it to be over.

PS: Now that the final five have been announced, who do you think will win?

AS: Oh my goodness … they’re all so good. Even watching it back — this is my first time seeing all of them sing as well so I don’t even know who is going to win. But I think Kebab has an amazing voice, and I love his costume, it’s so cute. I think Vampire is insane, Baby is so cute. I just can’t decide! It’s so hard!

PS: You’re a complete natural on stage, but what was it like performing in costume?

AS: It’s definitely an interesting feeling. It sort of takes the nerves away a little bit because you aren’t looking at people and you’re not making eye contact with anyone. You definitely feel more covered up. But performing is performing at the end of the day, and you still want it to be good, and there’s the element of nerves, and you care about it a lot. But it was definitely a weird feeling. I thought it was super fun to just sort of become something else for a minute and step away from being Alli, which was fun.

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