POP or FLOP: Towa Bird Believes The Downfall of Jorts Is On Its Way 

Towa Bird american hero

You might’ve spotted Towa Bird shredding up guitar strings at Coachella or sharing her humour and life on TikTok. Regardless of how you found her, you need to know that she’s defied the odds — taking her talents from vertical screens in the pandemic to international stages, touring with the likes of Reneé Rapp and Olivia Rodrigo. Now, her debut album American Hero is out in the world.

As part of our POP or FLOP series, we had the opportunity to speak with Towa Bird about the album, her fashion opinions, and tour life. Let’s just say…she didn’t hold back (and earned extra style points in a Wynn Hamlyn Leather Jacket while doing it).

From the bed rotting trend to Kylie Minogue, we asked Towa Bird to declare a number of talked-about icons and pop culture moments, a POP or a FLOP. Here’s what she had to say.

POP or FLOP: Towa Bird Edition

POP or FLOP: Paying Rent?

Towa Bird’s verdict: FLOP

FLOP. F**king FLOP.

Why would I pay a random person?

POP or FLOP: Jorts?

Towa Bird’s verdict: POP

I’d say POP. I feel like maybe in about nine months…FLOP. But as of today? POP.

POP or FLOP: Kylie Minogue?

Towa Bird’s verdict: FLOP

FLOP. I’m sorry. Wait. She’s Australian isn’t she? She’s Aussie queen.

POP or FLOP: Bed Rotting?

Towa Bird’s verdict: FLOP

I’d say FLOP for me personally. I think if I spiral for too long, it could end fearfully. So, I’ve got to move.

POP or FLOP: Lesbians Ruling the Charts?

Towa Bird’s verdict: POP

Towa Bird Renee Rapp
Image: Instagram @towabird

POP. Imagine if I said FLOP? The controversy.

Okay wait…let me give you one more!

FLOP. You can choose.

POP or FLOP: Several Minute Long Guitar Solos?

Towa Bird’s verdict: FLOP

FLOP. Keep it short.

POP or FLOP: The Lizzie McGuire Movie?

Towa Bird’s verdict: POP

POP or FLOP: Stan Culture?

Towa Bird’s verdict: POP

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POP or FLOP: Encores?

Towa Bird’s verdict: POP (Conditional)

@s0methingimmadefor @Towa Bird supremacy ty #towabird #snowhardfeelingstour ♬ original sound – corin

POP, if done correctly.

POP or FLOP: Streaming American Hero, Out Now?

Towa Bird’s verdict: POP


No, I was going to say…[FLOP]

I was so close too, but I was like…let me stand behind myself for a second.

For a deeper look into the vulnerability and lyricism of Towa Bird, stream her debut album, American Hero — out now!

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