“It’s True, Baby” — Troye Sivan Is Dropping a New Home and Fragrance Brand

Troye Sivan BRrand

Troye Sivan has re-entered the trending chat this year with the release of his “Rush” music video, as well as his role in controversial show, “The Idol“. Now, the Aussie musician — along with one of his brothers — is giving entrepreneurship a red-hot go with the launch of a new homewares and fragrance brand — TSU LANGE YOR.

Sivan mentioned in a recent TikTok video that this new venture was born to inspire “treat yourself” moments and an embrace of the present. As for the name itself, it’s an old Yiddish saying which means “To Long Years” when translated. The brothers had their great grandmother’s heritage in mind when they chose the name.

@troyesivan From my home to yours ?? go follow @TLY ♬ A Day in My Life – Soft boy

While the full range of TSU LANGE YOR decor and scents is yet to be revealed, the brand’s Instagram bio revealed that a pop up is in the works for August 18-24, 2023 at a Fitzroy exhibition space.

Troye Sivan Tsu Lange Yor
Instagram @tsulangeyor

“When I brought the idea, I was approached by some brands in America that helped build businesses. Basically, they build it for you and then you just slap your name on the end,” he elaborated on the process of starting the brand.

“And I was like ‘What’s the point, this is the most personal thing in the world to me’. It’s about home. I wanted it to feel intimate. I wanted it to feel genuine and personal. So, I came home to Australia and completely independently, my brother and I started TSU LANGE YOR.”

From what we’ve seen so far, the brand’s premise, look and sneak peeks are giving modern abstraction with a minimal and clean vibe. The scents appear to be unisex, and we have a feeling that the notes are fresh, citrus-esque and a little bit smoky.

If your space looks anything like Troye Sivan’s cozy Melbourne pad — or if you’d like it to — these are just the homewares for you.

Until then, BRB, we’re catching a flight to Melbourne to create an IRL strategy for the TSU LANGE YOR pop up, this weekend.


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