Martha and Anthony Go Head-to-Head After a Chaotic Challenge on Celebrity Apprentice

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We’ve been waiting for Married at First Sight star Martha Kalifatids to show off her leadership skills as a Celebrity Apprentice project manager. What we weren’t anticipating was for it to be a bit of a hot mess.

As Janine Allis put it, Team Momentum’s efforts during the Budgy Smuggler challenge was “absolute chaos” — including Martha not using iconic designer Camilla Franks in the first design challenge of the season. It was so chaotic that their efforts saw them go straight to the board room to confront Lord Alan Sugar.

Martha chose to bring Shayna Blaze into the room with her, also deciding to put Anthony Callea in the firing line. Ultimately, they lost the challenge because the “presentation was poor” and because Anthony was in charge of bringing the runway presentation to life, it seemed like a good fit. However, there was so much more to it.

“There were a lot of decisions taken back,” Shayna told Lord Sugar before adding that indecisiveness left them with little time to get supplies and prepare. And after Lord Sugar questioned what Anthony’s actual responsibilities were, Martha — with no love lost — piped up.

“He’s always shrugging off responsibilities,” she said of her teammate. “That’s the first thing he always does.”

“Always?” The Prayer singer asked before adding: “Martha, I’m not going to play your bulls–t game. There is a lack of leadership. There is a lack of respect. We were all actually trying to help you and whether you want to turn that around just to play this game, that’s on you.”

“I’m not playing a game,” the beauty influencer said.

The conversation continued to heat up as Anthony told her, “you’ve thrown a grenade at me, please allow me to defend myself.”

“So, then what did you actually do then, Anthony?” Martha asked.

“What did you do? What did you do as a project manager?” he questioned her back.

“I had to be across the whole entire brief,” she said.

“Clearly you missed that. You have never played in the business world at a strategic level,” he responded. Eep! Shots fired!

He continued: “As a leader one of the most important things as a leader is you need to listen…”

“That’s all we did was listen!” Martha said speaking over him.

“See your response now? You just get frustrated and overwhelmed. Like, ‘I’m so overwhelmed, you guys just do that.”

Martha then told Lord Sugar that Anthony should be fired.

“I can tell you now, I worked my bloody ass off in this task and it was a lacker of leadership which is the reason why we are here,” the singer said defending himself.

“Right, OK. Ladies and gentleman. I’ve had enough,” Lord Sugar said, before saying that Anthony hadn’t contributed any way.

Ultimately, the decision was between “under the radar Anthony” or “lack of control Martha” and even though Martha was a “very poor project manager”, Anthony was fired.

We are dying to know if the pair have spoken since because according to this, there’s no love lost obviously.

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