Is Annabel as “Cunning, Iconic and Obnoxious” IRL as She Was on “The Traitors”? We Asked!

Annabel from The Traitors Australia 2023. What is Annabel from The Traitors doing now?
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Last night, “The Traitors Australia” suffered a major loss. Not only did they banish yet another Faithful, they banished queen Annabel from both the game and our lives. Have we forgiven the Faithful for this grievous error? No. But life goes on. Thankfully, we got a chance to chat to Annabel and ask her all about her time on “The Traitors”, and what’s next for her.

Is Annabel as “Cunning, Obnoxious and Iconic in Real Life?” as She Was on “The Traitors”?

Over on POPSUGAR Australia’s Instagram, we’ve been asking you, dear readers, if you have any questions for our eliminated players. One of the main questions was about Annabel’s personality. How did she get so iconic? Did she plan to be an icon? To serve? Is she, and we quote, “this cunning, obnoxious, and iconic in real life?”

We took the question to Annabel.

“You know what? I’ve seen that come up a few times on social media, because in fairness, surely no one is actually like this!” she exclaimed with a laugh. “All I have to say is this: If I was going to fake a personality, I would pick one substantially less annoying.”

Would Annabel Have Made a Good Traitor?

Had Sam or Blake chosen to recruit Annabel as a Traitor, she “100%” would have jumped at the chance. But would she have been a good Traitor? Maybe not so much.

“I don’t think I would make a particularly good Traitor, because I’m just so loud,” she said. “You know, look. I fill a room. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I haven’t been one of the biggest personalities in the room, and this level of confidence and outspokenness, it’s pretty obnoxious on a man. On a woman? It’s unforgivable.”

Annabel suspects that had she been recruited as a Traitor, they wouldn’t have let her “get very far”. Nevertheless, she “would have loved that opportunity”.

If Annabel wouldn’t have made a good Traitor, then who would?

“I think Gloria would have made a great Traitor,” Annabel said. “No one was really looking at her, she had a lot of trust in the game. I think Simone would also make a really, really good Traitor.”

She paused.

“You know what? Luke,” she said. “Get that man to the end! Every set of fingers and toes in this household — including Puffy Fluffykins’ — are crossed for him tonight. That man better make it all the way!”

The Most Surprising Element of “The Traitors”

A longtime, diehard fan of “Survivor” and other reality competition shows that require a combination of strategy, social skills and strength, the most surprising element of “The Traitors” for Annabel was that not everyone was on her level.

“For me, I cannot imagine going in to sit an exam without doing as much study as humanly possible,” she began.

Before entering the hotel, Annabel did her homework. She watched the previous seasons, listened to interviews and podcasts with former players to learn from their mistakes, and had a solid strategy for how she was going to approach the game.

“It’s the least you can do!” she said. “The bare minimum!”

Her fellow competitors, on the other hand, didn’t seem to feel the same way.

“To get in there on Day 1 and realise that I am one of the small handful of people who’ve actually watched a complete season was… just unfathomable, to me!” she said.

It wasn’t just that this was a surprise, though. It also made the game harder for her to navigate.

“Now, I’m going into a game trying to play on one level of strategy, but with people who are essentially playing on the same level as Season 1,” she recalled. “So I think that’s probably where I needed to alter my game a little bit. But it was just shocking.”

What We Didn’t Get to See on the Show

“I’m spending this time roasting the others for not watching the show… maybe I should’ve gone to the gym a couple of times!” Annabel exclaimed with a laugh.

She may have done her homework, but when it came to the missions, Annabel said that she was “even worse” than she looked on the show.

“Let me tell you, that Trojan Horse nearly killed me,” she said. “Again, I was crying! You could see me, I was crying after that challenge, because I nearly died from lack of fitness! So yeah, I need to start hitting up the gym, I think!”

Where Annabel Stands With the Cast Now

Despite her frustrating banishment from the game, Annabel is still in contact with “almost everyone” from the cast.

“I absolutely adore this cast, we went through such an awesome experience together,” she said. “I have a lot of love for the people I played with.”

She continued: “This was my first — and could be only! — experience getting to play a game like this, so it just meant soooo much to me. I feel like I’ve waited my whole life to get an opportunity like this, and I got to share it with those people, so they’ll always be special to me.”

How Puffy Fluffykins Is Doing

Puffy P. Fluffykins. Just like Annabel, he was an instant star of “The Traitors” 2023, despite not being present in the hotel. That’s impact, some would say!

According to Annabel, “the fame has gone straight to Puffy Fluffykins’ head”.

“Ever since he was briefly featured in Episode 1, he’s been absolutely insufferable,” she said. “He’s unbearable these days!”

What’s Next for Annabel

With her first stint on reality television done and dusted, Annabel is thinking about pursuing her ultimate dream: competing on “Survivor”.

“Well, I think it’s time that I’ve gotta hit up Crossfit,” she said.

Her experience on “The Traitors” has given her the confidence she needs, but before she’d be ready for “Survivor”, she’s “got a lot of muscle to put on in the meantime”.

As someone who is “not a challenge girlie” and was “always picked last in PE”, Annabel said that the “pre-merge period could be fatal” for her game, should she get cast on “Survivor”.

Still, there’s a strategy for everything, and Annabel has a plan.

“I think we’re going to go back to the Annabel handbook,” she hypothesised. “Let’s find the most jacked, most obnoxious guy on the tribe, and let’s make myself indispensable to him.”

“Survivor” dreams aside, there’s one other show that Annabel would consider appearing on.

“‘Dogs Behaving Badly’,” she said. “Puffy really needs some discipline and correction. He needs to be put in his place.”

“The Traitors Australia” continues at 7.30pm tonight, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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