Written in the Stars! What The Bachelor Girls’ Zodiac Sign Says About Them

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Star signs: You either strongly believe in them to the point where you know the exact time you were born, along with your sun, moon and rising sign.

Or, you think it’s ridiculous to believe that a constellation at the time of your birth could have any impact on your personality.

But whatever team you’re on, everyone can agree on one thing — horoscopes are fun. I mean, who doesn’t love to find out how the rest of their month is going to go? If I’m about to have a bad week because Mercury is in retrograde then I better be able to prepare for it.

POPSUGAR Australia got up close and personal with the lovely ladies from The Bachelor, and after finding out each of their star signs, we thought it was fitting to find out what’s in store for them.

Now, I’m no astrologer. So I thought it would be best to consult with a professional, who knows exactly what they’re talking about.

In comes Greg Summers, a healer, empath and astrologer who was able to give me a breakdown of the traits each woman possesses.

“Each sign has a core trait, but like all things, those traits can be either positive or negative, or often both,” said Greg. “We have the capacity for what Carl Jung called ‘light and shadow’ — it’s often the reason the things we love about a person at first become the things that irritate us the most!”

Interesting. So let’s see if the bachelorettes live up to their star sign.

Scorpio: Sierah, Belinda and Lauren

Practical / Cunning

A Scorpio plans every move with a blend of emotional intelligence and practicality. They know what needs to be done, and they know what will happen when it is. When used positively, this trait is the most beneficial to everyone in a Scorpio’s life – they know how to help and they do so out of pure joy and love. But get on a Scorpio’s bad side and you will be stung; because just as a Scorpio knows exactly how to help you, they know how to hurt someone more than they would expect.

“In The Bachelor, let’s hope our Scorpio’s go unprovoked,” says Greg.

Gemini: Lily, Stephanie, Maddison and Ash

Changeable / Duplicitous

It’s no secret that Gemini gets a reputation for having “two faces”. In the most positive light, this translates to flexibility, as the Gemini is able to change course quickly and adapt to new situations and relationships. On their shadow side, however, this can sometimes turn into duplicity, where a Gemini will seem the flower, but be the serpent under it. 

According to Greg, “the Gemini are the contestants to keep an eye on; for their sake as well as yours.”

Aquarius: Holly, Jacinta and Rebekah

Adaptable / Unpredictable

An Aquarian is flexible and adaptable. They go with the flow and change themselves to fit whatever situation they’re in. While this makes them easy to plan for, they can also be quite unpredictable in new situations. Don’t expect them to always be calm, either; if an Aquarian thinks a situation needs some more impactful action, they will be the ones to take it.

With Jacinta out of the picture, let’s see if Holly and Rebekah show a side of them that no one saw coming.

Libra: Ashleigh and Laura

Logical / Cold

The Libras are the logical, reasonable people among us. They approach situations with balance and consideration. They aren’t known to rush into any decisions, but if they do, it very rarely pays off for them. They need to take the time to analyse every possible scenario, and sometimes this makes them appear cold and calculating.

“They may be our odd ones out, as they won’t be the explosive and exciting centres of attention,” says Greg.

Ashleigh may be sitting on the sidelines for now, but Laura seems to command attention with her gags and hilarious antics — which, when you think about it, definitely makes her the “odd one out”.

Cancer: Tahnee and Tatum

Intuitive / Reactive

Cancers have a very sensitive emotional core, which makes them very intuitive, particularly around other people’s feelings. Emotional intelligence is their strongest trait – Cancers are great at reading the room and telling what other people need. This sensitivity can come with a cost though, as Cancers cand tend to overreact to high-pressure situations, or situations that they feel should be high pressure.

“It would not surprise me at all if the Cancers are the contestants we see melting down more often,” says Greg, hitting the nail on the head.

Tahnee has already had a meltdown and it’s only the first week. Let’s see how these two go throughout the season.

Taurus: Carlie and Stevie

Enthusiastic / Overwhelming

Once a Taurus is motivated, they are unstoppable. There is a lot of dormant power in these people, and once it is awakened, they become a force of nature. This can sometimes lead to those in this sign being seen as “too much”, and needing to take a step back.

Greg says, “this will most likely manifest itself in romantic endeavours.”

We’re yet to see much of Carlie and Stevie, but that may change as the season progresses.

Leo: Hannah, Chanel and Brooke

Courageous / Impulsive

A Leo fears nothing. They will leap on an opportunity with everything they have. They can sometimes leap into these opportunities without fully considering the consequences, though, which can have disastrous results.

“This might mean that they’re not afraid to try new things on their dates in The Bachelor, it also means they may not weigh up all the risks and results of their behaviour,” according to Greg.

Judging by Brooke’s near-death date with Jimmy in episode two, it seems fairly accurate that Leo’s are definitely not afraid to jump in the deep end.

Pisces: Jay

Honest / Simple

A Pisces is honest, and doesn’t like to play games. They are exactly what they seem to be, and don’t tend to be very surprising. This can sometimes lead to them being dismissed as boring, or simple. But fundamentally, a Pisces is easy to plan around, easy to preempt and easy to please.

“The Pisces will be the doe-eyed underdog who may be manipulated by the more cunning contestants,” says Greg.

Virgo: Elena

Creative / Internal

The Virgos are our creative cores. They are the ones with a gift for expressing their deepest feelings. Unfortunately, this can cause Virgos to be quite internal, and we may lose sight of them in The Bachelor, as they tend to withdraw into themselves until they’ve finished processing what they feel.

“There is a sensitive and beautiful heart here, but it may take a while to be ready to be seen,” says Greg.

Sagittarius: Annabelle

Playful / Flippant

A Sagittarius is playful and youthful, with a child-like heart. They love fun, and have boundless energy at their disposal when it comes to enjoying themselves. On the shadow of that is a carelessness for more serious situations – a Sagittarius may give the impression of only being there for the good times.

“We can expect the Sagittarians to be excitable and fun, but they may lose out when a deeper level of intimacy is required,” Greg stated.

Unfortunately, Annabelle was eliminated in the first episode, so her energetic personality was left to be seen.

Tamlyn: Capricorn

Present / Clingy 

Capricorns give you their whole attention. Once they lock on to a person, you can be assured that they will want to spend every moment with that special someone. This can sometimes lead to a Capricorn becoming clingy or obsessive, but it comes from an unfettered affection and love.

“In The Bachelor, expect to see our Capricorns be framed as the crazy ones, particularly by competing contestants,” said the astrologer.

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