“FBOY Island Australia” Host Abbie Chatfield Fires Up Over “Misogynistic” Interview Question

fboy island abbie chatfield

Abbie Chatfield has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind. And recently, the media star vented on social media about a recurring and “misogynistic question” that seems to be haunting her during promotional interviews for “FBOY Island Australia“.

The former “Bachelor” star is currently hosting the hot new BINGE show, where three women navigate their way through a dating pool of 24 men. The women must figure out who are the “FBoys” and who are the “Nice Guys.”

Although the show has received great traction since airing, Chatfield expressed her disbelief at having to respond to one offensive question she was being asked repeatedly.

“It’s pretty hard to offend me personally in an interview, but there’s a pretty cooked and misogynistic question I keep being asked about my role as host of #FboyIslandAu both privately and in press, and I just want to address it once. I can’t believe I even have to do this, but it keeps coming up,” she wrote on Instagram.

“That question is ‘Were you keen on/did you want to f**k any of the contestants?’ ‘Were you tempted?’ ‘Did you use the show as your own way to meet guys?’

“The answer, clearly, is ‘No.’ As the host of a reality TV format, I would presume that is obvious. It is my job to host the show. No part of me enters that arena expecting a romantic connection.”

She also took the conversation over to Twitter to vent her frustrations, adding, “I am there to work, to control what is happening on set, and to gain the trust of the contestants and try to make them comfortable, as I have been a contestant myself.”

“To be clear: I am not ‘resisting’ a feeling, it does not exist. I am the host and I hold myself to a level of professionalism that, IMO, is very basic: don’t try to/want to f**k contestants??” she added.

“So, I’m making it clear now. I was not, and will never be so unprofessional to have even an iota of thought that contestants on a dating show are anything close to a romantic interest. Please. Stop. Asking.”

When faced with the recurring question, Chatfield finds herself in an “incredibly uncomfortable” position. She described it as a lose-lose situation.

“When I’m asked this question I’m put in an incredibly uncomfortable position. I either imply that the contestants are undatable as a whole, insulting a group of 24 virtual strangers and also undermining the premise of the show,” she added.

“I work hard in every facet of my career. Hosting a reality format is no different. I’m a young woman who speaks openly about sex,” she tweeted in a follow-up tweet. “That doesn’t mean I’m some sort of fiend always on the lookout for my next f**k, regardless of where it comes from. I’m a professional, despite my age and gender.”

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