Nothing Can Tear Them Apart, This is Tanya and Vito from The Block: Fans vs Faves

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The Block: Fans vs Faves kicked off on Sunday, as five teams battle it out while renovating a home in the Melbourne suburb of Hampton.

This year, previous contestants will return to verse newbies, as they’re given a second chance to try and win the grand prize.

There are three ‘Fan’ teams and two ‘Faves’ teams. So without further ado, let’s get to know our first Fan team — Tanya and Vito.

They’ve been together for 20 years and married for 18 of them, proving absolutely nothing can break Tanya and Vito’s bond.

The two have watched The Block since it first aired, and now, they’re going to compete in it.

During their marriage, they’ve built three houses of their own, with the one they live in now being their most recent.

“We understand trades and what it takes to get the job done,” Vito said.

Their style is loud and bright and colourful, like them, so look out. “The Block is something we have watched for years so it’s just amazing to be on it. We can’t believe this is happening to us,” Tanya said.

Tanya, who is a makeup artist, is quite well known throughout Melbourne, which is where the couple resides.

“I am so used to doing hair and makeup and making talent feel good,”
she said. “But being on the other side of the camera is something that
took me a while to get used to,” she said.

45-year-old Vito hopes their kids learn something from their experience, saying he wants them to have a goal to look up to.

“We want to set the best example for our kids, mum and dad doing their best when dealing with the highs and lows. We always make sure that we work together as a team. When we do, we can do anything,” he said.

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