Who is Atlantis on The Masked Singer? We’ve Got a Hunch

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The Masked Singer Australia has pretty much made a detective out of everybody. Is anyone else staying up at night trying to figure out who Mullet is? Just me? Ok.

One Mask that really captures everyone’s attention is Atlantis, a giant sea creature that says they have “heard the siren of Hollywood many times.”

While I was left completely baffled, turns out, people on Twitter already had a name up their sleeve.

So far, the panellists have come up with: Schapelle Corby, Lindsay Lohan, Lea Michele, Jessica Watson, Stevie Nicks, Daryl Hannah, Bonnie Tyler and Macy Gray.

These are the clues that we have been given so far:

  • “I am the great Atlantis and I am the queen of all I see. I am a goddess of water, I am fluid taking many shapes and forms but I have been punished just for being who I am and I have been rewarded for the same reason. I am a creature of the sea, the ocean was my original home. The land holds mystery and disappointment for me.”
  • “I am Atlantis – deep, mysterious and powerful. Am I Chinese? It would be easy to have that belief. But I wasn’t there long. The west was where my ambition led me. Like the waves, my path has not been straight. But like water, nothing can hold me back for long.”
  • “Words have been my life but also my greatest danger. You don’t like what I have to say? Many others do. Don’t confuse me for a shop girl.  Or Marilyn either. Perhaps I am a do-gooder? I would be happy with that.”
  • “I am Atlantis – and no one can resist a force of nature.”
  • “I’ve had a gnat on my mind my entire life.”
  • “My world is colourful, but you wouldn’t know it. It’s not just black and white. Fashions come and go but words can last forever. Life is like that. I heard the siren of Hollywood many times, but Washington only once. It was one of life’s happy accidents. I am Atlantis and I shall be your queen.”

Fans of the show are certain it’s Macy Gray, but every single reveal so far has been completely unexpected so IDK what to think anymore.

I mean it does add up, she’s had a career in Hollywood since the ’90s and she’s signed to Atlantic Records in 1997 (Atlantic and Atlantis? Get it?).

The clue, “I’ve had a gnat on my mind my entire life” could be referencing Macy’s history of drug abuse and her bipolar disorder diagnosis, something she has candidly spoken about in the past.

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